Jan 20, 03 / Jan 20, 19 15:00 UTC
China and its ambitious plan regarding the Moon

The Chinese specialists began to carry out an ambitious lunar program, whose main objective is to create habitable stations in the terrestrial satellite, says the Russian scientist Vladislav Shevchenko.

The Chinese spacecraft Chang'e-4 landed on January 3 on the dark side of the Moon. There, the probe carried out the first biological experiment in the history of mankind: the cotton bud that it carried on board became the first plant to be born on the hidden side of the Moon.

Subsequently, the outbreak died after the arrival of the lunar night, during which temperatures usually drop to -170ºC. Despite this misfortune, the designer of the experiment, Xie Gengxin, explained that some results exceeded the expectations of Chinese scientists.
The head of the Department of Studies of the Moon and planets of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute of the Moscow State University, Vladislav Shevchenko, believes that the Chinese researchers carried out a very complicated experiment with great future prospects.

Shevchenko stressed that if the ecosystem that China seeks to create on the satellite becomes operational, the crew will not need to supply the Moon with water, air and some other key components of the Earth's atmosphere.

"Everything will be produced in the place," he said.

The Asian giant will launch at the end of 2019 the space probe Chang'e-5 to bring samples of the lunar soil to Earth, said a senior official of the National Space Administration of China (CNSA, for its acronym of English).

According to the Xinhua news agency, experts are still discussing the feasibility of subsequent projects, but it has already been confirmed that there will be at least three missions after Chang'e-5.

Jan 21, 03 / Jan 21, 19 03:49 UTC
Because of this stupid shutdown I doubt the US will be able to launch any operations regarding the moon. :(
Jan 22, 03 / Jan 22, 19 05:26 UTC
why they didn't protected the plant from low temperature? Conditions on the moon was known long before the start. If they got results, then is it possible to reproduce them on earth? What exactly did they achieved except the status of the first extraterrasterial plant?