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Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 02:14 UTC
Russia: The new US policies confirm that Washington wants to establish its hegemony in space

The Russian Foreign Ministry regretted that, instead of maintaining a constructive dialogue on strategic stability and the prevention of an arms race in space, the US I decided to launch another version of the "Star Wars" program, from the time of the Ronald Reagan presidency.

According to the Russian Ministry, in its new Missile Defense Review, USA. focuses its attention on the development of anti-missile systems and their location in space, with the idea of increasing their efficiency in the interception of enemy missiles.

"We consider it as another confirmation (along with the decision to establish space forces and the allocation of funds for the development of anti-missile systems in space) of the reality of Washington's plans on the use of outer space for combat operations and the establishment of "American hegemony in space" in the short term, "reads the Ministry's statement.

The Russian Chancellery reiterates the importance of the priority of the use and exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes. "The possible implementation of the US aerospace plans will affect the current security system for space activities, which derives from the development of international space law," he says.

"Once again, we urge Washington to act prudently and to renounce such irresponsible adventures, which would have very negative consequences for the entire international community and for the United States itself," the ministry concludes.

Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 12:50 UTC
Да достало уже ВОРЬЕ с Рашки весь мир. По наворовали уйму денег и утащили все это за границу , тем самым создав угрозу финансовой нестабильности другим странам .Вот США и хочет ворье это под свой контроль взять. И правильно. Yes, already got a THIEF from Raska the whole world. Po ...
Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:54 UTC
I missed you best friend. Where have you been? you havewnt posted anything in a long time :(
Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 07:49 UTC
В основном я нахожусь на ФОРУМЕ ASGARDIA в разделе Наука и Техника , тема - Паралельный мир. А по этому опять то же самое публиковать в своем блоге ленюсь. ТАМ сразу видно количество просмотров , в блоге же не поймешь интересно это или нет кому ).
Feb 4, 03 / Feb 1, 19 19:04 UTC
I find everything you do to be interesting. i love you.
Feb 5, 03 / Feb 2, 19 04:32 UTC
Согласен тема весьма интересна и в случае ее успеха получатся возможности весьма полезные для всего человечества , потому как проблемма перенаселения нашей планеты весьма актуальна , к тому же милионы людей нуждаются в питании , что разрешится в случае удачи постройке Портала в Паралельные миры... Мы сможем так накормить человечество ...
Feb 7, 03 / Feb 4, 19 19:11 UTC
are we friends? i just want to make sure.