Feb 14, 03 / Feb 11, 19 01:34 UTC
Sight and fall meteorite in Venezuela in the city of Valencia

A fireball was seen this Saturday in the night sky of several Venezuelan cities, sowing the bewilderment of local residents.

Neighbors from different cities of Venezuela have flooding social networks with images that show a great light, identified as a meteorite, illuminating the night sky.

The supposed meteorite could be observed in a large part of the country, particularly in the cities of Caracas, San Juan de los Morros, Valencia, Villa de Cura, Maracay and its surroundings.

Some publications indicate that the mysterious object fell in the Flor Amarillo yellow urbanization, in the city of Valencia, causing a fire next to a local shopping center.

the account on the network twitter geodinamicamundial @ EarthquakeVen1
it was the one that obtained greater sintonia and like in the network because it was the one that informed with real video recorded that same night ne venezuela