Feb 15, 03 / Feb 12, 19 23:06 UTC
Red Cross launches nuclear anti-nuclear campaign amid tensions Russia-USA

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched on Monday an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the danger of atomic weapons, a few days after the United States and Russia suspended the bilateral treaty for the elimination of medium and short-range nuclear missiles, INF.

Under the slogan "What would you choose, live or die?", The Red Cross has recorded a video that shows the possible consequences for a person could have a nuclear bombardment, even in case of surviving.

"In this period of increasing international tensions, I urge all parties to act with urgency and determination to end the era of nuclear weapons," ICRC President Peter said in a statement on the occasion of the start of the campaign. Maurer

The message of the Red Cross comes at a time when the international organization "is extremely concerned about the disturbing erosion of the framework of nuclear disarmament and arms control," he said in a statement.

"Recent decisions contribute to an alarming trend towards a new nuclear arms race and, consequently, to an increased risk of using these weapons," added the Geneva-based organization.

Although the communiqué does not directly refer to the INF, the campaign comes just a week after the US and Russia declared on February 2 their withdrawal from a treaty that had limited the development of their nuclear weapons since 1988.

The pact prohibited the two signatory countries from manufacturing, deploying or testing short-range (500-1,000 kilometers) and medium-range (1,000-5,500 kilometers) missiles.

According to the Red Cross, "far from adopting measures to fulfill their long-standing obligations in the field of nuclear disarmament, the nuclear-weapon States are updating their arsenals, developing new types of nuclear weapons and simplifying their use," which justifies the campaign started today.

Feb 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 08:34 UTC
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