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Here is my post:

Human Nature, Competition, Employment, and Housing within a Resource Based Economy


Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Pursuant to a Facebook conversation I popped into, I am writing this post to help to answer some questions asked about a Resource Based Economy ( RBE ) .  If you do not know what a Resource Based Economy is or why we need to transition to one, then check out my post: The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote where I talk about this and provide a research path for you to learn more.

The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote >

To start answering the questions posed in that Facebook thread you WILL want to read my two other Resource Based Economy posts once you have an idea as to what a RBE is:

Consider these 3 posts as required reading, because the info and ideas there will form the framework or even form the full answers for part of the questions asked. Because answering anything about a Resource Based Economy is never a straight line, this post will be rather long and will cross through various disciplines from psychology, economics, morality, and religion so buckle in for the interdisciplinary ride to talk about competition and human nature within the framework of a Resource Based Economy.