Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 18:09 UTC
Dear Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli I hope this message finds you very well. The Executive Congress has been an excellent opportunity for to share with many friends, came from many parts of the world, ideas, projects, dreams. Dreams and emotions that you writed in the route of your life and that today are a reality. You have undertaken this trip alone, then with your family but today you have a great community by your side and together we will continue the construction of a projects very important for the future of humanity above and outside of the earth. You have brought together the best skills and above all lovable people who are already building a new and truly special world. I thank you for this important opportunity, together with the Prime Minister, the Chair of Parliament, the Head of Administration, all Ministers, all Chairs of Committees of the Parliament, all Member of Parliament, all Asgardians. Now all together we will continue the route and the culture will give great support to this amazing project. I am honored to be part of this great Nation. Thank you Head of Nation
Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 19:31 UTC
Thank you Olimpia!
Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 16:26 UTC
Thank you Olimpia