Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 19:48 UTC
Notre Dame, Paris and the cosmic heritage
A detail during the fire of Notre Dame, Paris (France) | April 15, 2019 The foundation of cities and the construction of architecture has many links with the cosmic space. Also the details of sculptures are important expressions of this link. An example is the the Portal of the Virgin in Notre Dame, Paris. The left portal, called " of the Virgin ", presents a rich symbolism linked above all to Astrology, with a series of bas-reliefs dedicated to the Zodiac and the succession of months and seasons of the year. The Ministery of Culture, Asgardia Space Nation, promotes international researchs for to know this important cultural heritage between the earth and the space and to help the humanity to preserve and to undestand this fundamental cultural value. This Ministry intends to show its cultural support to the international community and to French friends.
Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 20:54 UTC
Thank you for voicing our support so beautifully.
Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 20:55 UTC
Un jour de grande tristesse et de chagrin pour l'humanité. Prenons soin du patrimoine culturel et historique de notre planète. Les sociétés modernes doivent faire l'effort de continuer à progresser intellectuellement et culturellement.
Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 05:25 UTC
It is a terrible, is a deep sadness to the humanity history
Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 16:25 UTC
it is a sad sad - there are no words to describe... Olimpia thank you very much for this post
Apr 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 20:34 UTC
Together we can do a lot for the humanity