Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 06:43 UTC
Astonishing fireball over the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
A very shiny fireball was recorded streaking through the night sky over the Rio Grande do Sul and State of Santa Catarina, Brazil around 06:23 UTC on April 12, 2019. This spectacular view has been seen for approx three seconds before it became to dust.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 05:29 UTC
Could it be a white dwarf star going neutron?
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 08:47 UTC
Hello Jason, It is just meteor.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 18:48 UTC
Ah, okay; I just realized that white dwarf cannot occur within our solar system, otherwise, we would not exist if that white dwarf does go neutron.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 19:07 UTC
Approximate size of a white dwarf is equivalent to the size of Earth. White dwarf and neutron star both are different things and can be differentiated with the help of Chandrasekhar Limit.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 19:08 UTC
I had studied Astronomy, I do understand the basis of the white dwarf. But thank you for that information.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 19:15 UTC
Oh, Thanks for the info., I did not know that. Just putting some information so that other members those don't have astronomy background could be benefited.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 19:21 UTC
It is not a problem, this is an valuable information for everyone to know about the Type II, Type Ia and main sequence in relation to white dwarf. This is what the forum is all about, learning from each other in their field of expertise. I do need a reminder ...