Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 20:39 UTC

Dear Asgardians, the time has come to build our cosmic state, proclaimed the Leader of the Nation in his speech on Inuguration on June 25! Everything is done for this, there is a constitution, there are laws, a parliament, a court and the Head of the Nation. What to do to us - I think to start to unite in places of residence In Russia, Moscow, Kislovodsk, etc. To create communities of the Asgardians, to receive the gadgets promised to us, combining a passport, a plastic card for the sun and a smartphone. We must understand, we live in the Russian Federation, we are citizens of this country, but ... We are citizens of Asgardia, first of all! Having received documents confirming this fact, we pledge to abide by the laws of Asgardia. It is in this that the Head of the Nation, Igor Ashurbeyli, swore on the Constitution. And also that he will protect our rights, improve our well-being through the development of the economy of Asgardia. We are ready to do it today - to work on the development of the country's economy, but how and what we should undertake is not yet clear. While there is no territory on Earth, space is not counted, there is no capital, there is no economy that needs to be developed. We probably should expect all this before the end of the current year, both our bank and our currency. I would suggest making Kislovodsk the capital of Asgardia, a neighborhood of the city for nat. The park resembles a real cosmic landscape. Anyway, the capital will be needed - Kislovodsk is suitable in all respects. Not to mention the clean air, which is important for creating the Asgardian electronic industry. I ask everyone to think about my proposal. Leaders of Asgardia welcome to Kislovodsk!