Apr 23, 03 / Apr 17, 19 09:56 UTC
Ice circle in Qinghai, China.
On April 12th, a giant mysterious figure appeared on the ice on the south side of Haitai, Qinghai Lake Erlang Sword Festival. According to the photographer, Qing Xiu, Qinghai Lake Tourism Group Co., Ltd., the deputy general Heng Xiu introduced the picture was taken at 11 o'clock on the same day, the area is more than 100 square meters, the specific reasons for the unknown are unknown. Link: https://www.chinanews.com/tp/hd2011/2019/04-12/877218.shtml
Apr 23, 03 / Apr 17, 19 21:09 UTC
I see a key there. Maybe the key is in the past: back to the beginning.
Apr 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 05:37 UTC
May be yes or not. First it is important to know that, is this man- made or not. There are very faint track marks outside of the "cut marks" and they are quite circular. You know with modern technology it would not be too difficult to use GPS and some ...