Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 08:34 UTC
Asgardia a nation of peace and harmony

Asgardia, the first time I heard of the plans for the first space nation, I was in major doubt, I was in the belief that the cost for such a futuristic goal won't be funded or if it was funded would lead to a nation for the rich and powerful, I'm 17 and unfortunately not yet allowed to vote or get deeply involved in the Asgardian system. The constitution of asgardia allows for the mix of all homo sapien no matter the geographical origin or political standing, I'm in great support of a state that promotes togetherness and Unity to the betterment of mankind, I hope for a future with fellow Asgardians on the space Nation

Going through the Asgardian constitution made me very interested, since I am a student studying political science, I hope to see fellow asgardians at it's launch and input the little knowledge I have gained to promote a nation founded on the aim of peace. I watch the struggle on earth and whenever the end result is calculated, it may or will eventually lead to a major war, when? This unfortunately can't be determined but if things keep going like this on earth, it is a definite occurrence.

To a nation of peace, understanding and the betterment of all mankind, Asgardia I hail thee.

阿斯加迪亚,我第一次听说第一个空间国家的计划,我有很大的疑问,我相信,这样一个未来目标的成本将不会得到资助,或者如果资助将导致一个国家对于富有和强大的,我17岁,不幸的是还没有被允许投票或深入参与Asgardian系统。灰姑娘的宪法,无论地理起源还是政治地位,都能让所有的人都混在一起,我非常支持一个促进团结一致,团结一致地改善人类状态的国家,希望与阿斯加德同胞的未来空间国家      通过阿斯加德宪法使我非常感兴趣,因为我是一个学习政治学的学生,我希望看到同学们在发布,并输入了我所获得的一些知识,以促进建立一个以和平为目标的国家。我注意到地球上的斗争,每当最终的结果被计算出来,它可能会或将最终会导致大的战争?不幸的是,不能确定,但是如果事情在地球上继续下去,这是一个确定的事情。   对于一个和平,理解和改善全人类的国家,阿斯加迪我欢迎你。