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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Jul 9, 01 / Jul 24, 17 16:29 UTC

Last week, thousands of people logged into the live Q&A session with Lena De Winne, CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia. A lot of the questions pertained to Asgardia’s IDs and passports.

“We are working ...

Apr 16, 02 / Apr 10, 18 17:21 UTC
Berapa lama mahu tunggu kewujudan negara Asgardia ni..
Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 11:31 UTC
The officials must calculate that some citizens so that they can travel and receive their documents need visa entry procedures where they will have to put embassies in countries that are cooperating in these areas
Feb 14, 02 / Feb 11, 18 14:17 UTC
asgard coin could be a good idea. From other side, the Asgard token ICO for 100K community could be much better choice. The $1-5 token allowing to do certain action, like shopping etc, and same time token hold all registration, so act as blockchain passport. That may work
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Jul 7, 01 / Jul 22, 17 15:12 UTC

On 19 July 2017, thousands of people logged into the live Q&A session with Lena De Winne, CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia. Many have asked about why voting has been extended.

When asked who makes ...

Jul 7, 01 / Jul 22, 17 17:04 UTC

With a checkbox to vote before the document is even displayed, and without the process of voting 'no' explained on the page, it is terribly unlikely that even 10,000 people have even read it while most accepted blindly. There are no steps being taken to ensure that people read ...

Jul 7, 01 / Jul 22, 17 16:21 UTC

Дорогое Руководство Асгардии, вас уже человек 100 не так ли ?

Не пора ли уже определиться с нашим официальным сайтом ?

Что главнее, этот сайт, страница в фейсбуке, страницы в других социальных сетях, таких как "В Контакте" и т.п. ? А может нужно читать Официальную ...

Jul 7, 01 / Jul 22, 17 16:15 UTC

Y nuestra querida Lena De Wine puede explicar CLARAMENTE porque para unos eventos importantes Excmo. Sr. el Jefe Grande de la Nacion nuestra saca los Dercetos y para otros no ? Si es muy simple sacar un proyecto de decreto y si hay la aprobacion del Excmo Sr Jefe, ...

Jul 6, 01 / Jul 21, 17 17:42 UTC

On 19 July 2017, due to an overwhelming volume of questions, Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia held a Q&A session online . One of the hottest topics was how the votes are being counted.

Jul 9, 01 / Jul 24, 17 23:00 UTC

So many people so little land unowned where do we salvage our respective homelands??

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 15:59 UTC

Almost 6,500 people have applied for leadership positions in Asgardia, and the number keeps growing.

As a final reminder, you can only apply for one position at a time. If you applied for more than one, you have 48 hours to select ...

Jul 5, 01 / Jul 20, 17 19:20 UTC


If you go public now the whole thing goes down and if you really believe you can influence the world and change it, then you can get 1000 votes easily, my dear sir @Sergii2016 it's a Wise call to ...

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 18:31 UTC

According to the present rules, we can have 10 Ambassadors, purely theoretically, because we will have 100,000 citizens. And we need to choose 13 Ministers and all the others. The rules of the game need to be changed now!

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 18:17 UTC

Everyone will see very soon how the rules of our Game will be changed for the Election of Leaders, just as they were changed today for the approval of the Constitution.

We need to recruit 100,000 people! Why not 150,000? Why not 200,000?

NO ONE ...

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 00:33 UTC

Asgardia is excited to announce that voting has been extended until 100,000 Asgardians accept the Constitution. This decision is based on the requests of many Asgardians and the approval of the Head of Nation. The voting on the national symbols – Asgardia’s flag, anthem and coat of ...

Jul 20, 01 / Aug 4, 17 07:41 UTC

La Constitución es Comunista y Cambian la Fecha de finalizacion de elecciones a su antojo para conseguir lo que quiere el Dictador aquí en esta Nación no hay Derecho . No se puede decir que ...

Jul 7, 01 / Jul 22, 17 03:16 UTC


Jul 5, 01 / Jul 20, 17 07:23 UTC

I think the best way is for us to vote for the constitution as it is,then set up a government,Constitutional ammendents will always follow as with any democratic government,those of us who are expecting a perfetc thing are having a bad dream,but thier contribution and criticism is so vital.Lets ...

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Asg 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 14:15 UTC

On 13 June 2017 ( 24 June 0001) , preliminary voting commenced on the Constitution of Asgardia, its national symbols and Head of Nation. Asgardia’s official voting day – 18 June 2017 ( 1 Asgard 0001) is Unity Day, a national ...

Jul 22, 01 / Aug 6, 17 18:55 UTC


Finding a country requires the funds of the United Nations

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 22:13 UTC

How to get a passport?

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 17:01 UTC

Одно человечество-это единое целое!

Одно человечество - одно сообщество!

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Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 17:08 UTC

Asgardia has once again risen in rank by population size among Earthly nations. It is now 182nd, having surpassed New Caledonia, Mayotte and Samoa, and quickly approaching the population size of French Guinea.

With 267,090 members, it continues to build momentum, as more than 75,000 people have ...

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 17:40 UTC

J'ai postulé il y a un certain temps et je maintiens ma candidature. Je prépare l'ouverture d'une ambassade d'Asgardia en France actuellement et j'ai même monté une permanence à TOULOn dans le Sud de laz France pour rencontrer tous les français asgardians à présent !

Jul 1, 01 / Jul 16, 17 15:33 UTC

Vote for dream come true in humanity history.

Vote for Me.

Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 22:58 UTC


Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 16:29 UTC

An official ceremony took place today at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, during which Asgardia’s Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, an active supporter of space science development, signed an agreement to institute a new UNESCO prize and medal in the science category.

The prize and five medals ...

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 11:25 UTC
About:Constitution Dear Asgardia citizens, how do you do. About the Constitution of country,the article 4, article 28 and article 36-4 my advice would of space,letter case to be revised.
Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 19:02 UTC

Nobody likes an asskisser mate 🤗

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 20:59 UTC
Little typo in name McBufftings.
Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 19:12 UTC

We've just reached another milestone, with 250,000 people registering to become part of Asgardia, its mission and its future. The leading countries of origin are, respectively, Turkey, China, the United States, Brazil and Italy.

Almost 60,000 people have already ratified the Constitution, which allows them ...

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 17:12 UTC

We were made to discover new horizons since Homo erectus.
This project shows us that we are now ready to make the leap.
Together we are the future.

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 12:17 UTC

Proje Inanılmaz Harikasınız

Asg 16, 01 / Jul 3, 17 08:02 UTC

Amazing project !

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Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 16:48 UTC

The Asgardia-1 satellite has been safely delivered to Nanoracks, a Webster, TX-based provider of commercial hardware and services for the US National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station. It is currently securely stored under five locks in a facility with surveillance and a monitored alarm system.

<p ...
Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 17:52 UTC

With almost 250,000 people who registered for Asgardia, the nation-state’s population has now jumped to 183rd among the countries of the world. Asgardia’s population has recently surpassed that of Mayotte, Samoa and Saint Lucia.

More than 55,000 have become citizens by accepting the Constitution, almost 7,000 ...

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 18:23 UTC

Naming a star is old news – you can now give your loved one the sense of being ever-present in ...

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 17:45 UTC

The new Constitution of Asgardia, released earlier this month in English , has been translated ...

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 21:06 UTC
Asgardia has broken the 50,000 record -- to date, 51,594 Asgardians voted to accept the new Constitution. Those who have accepted the Constitution have the power to bring about change by submitting petitions to branches of Asgardia's government. The new Constitution allows Asgardians to put forth legislative proposals and initiate ...
Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 20:31 UTC
As we grow in population and popularity, please remember that we accept donations only through Please disregard any requests for donations in the name of Asgardia on other sites, as these are not Asgardia-sanctioned donations.
Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 19:29 UTC
While it is important for Asgardians to connect in the physical realm, hold meetings, create research topics, apply for grants and much more, the Asgardia team listened to the community feedback and concluded that we must expand and remove some of the voting boundaries. According to the new rules, a ...
Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 12:33 UTC

While I had wished to be come the leader of Asgardia, which had not yet found a way.
My proposal will simply wrote here.
1st mission - strengthen in develop new technologies and pushing new ideas.
2nd mission - strengthen the defensive Fleet
3rd mission ...

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 03:25 UTC

This should have been done from the start Thanks for doing it now

Asg 3, 01 / Jun 20, 17 15:49 UTC

Media outlets from around the globe reported on Asgardia and its plans for the future that were revealed at the press conference in Hong Kong on 13 June 2017.

CNN writes that “(g)oing forward, the Asgardia team hopes to create habitable platforms in low-earth orbits ...

Aug 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 09:46 UTC

I am very proud to be an asgardian

Aug 14, 01 / Aug 26, 17 22:20 UTC

Tía is My dream come true, be part of Asgardia its mor importante them My all live ,iam Verry Prod to be an Asgardian

Jul 27, 01 / Aug 11, 17 00:26 UTC

I'm really very proud to be an Asgardian.

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Asg 3, 01 / Jun 20, 17 11:27 UTC

Named after a Norse mythological city of the skies, Asgardia is open to all residents on planet earth and it doesn't cost anything to join. Russian scientist Dr Igor Ashurbeyli announced his plans to form the world's first independent nation that operates in outer space in October 2016. Since ...

Asg 3, 01 / Jun 20, 17 11:16 UTC

The proposed space-based nation Asgardia will launch its first satellite this fall to store data for the nation's newly selected citizens.

While it plans to someday host a moon colony and space station, the proposed space-based nation Asgardia is starting small: The project will launch its first ...

Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 15:20 UTC
Asgardians can now vote on the future of the world’s first “space nation,” which includes choosing its constitution, flag, and national anthem. Unity Day – June 18 if you go by the Gregorian calendar or Asgard 1, if you’re on the Asgardian calendar – is the 24-hour period in which ...