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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Apr 3, 01 / Mar 28, 17 09:53 UTC

Igor Ashurbeyli advances the draft of the Asgardian calendar for further parliamentary review and approval.

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Apr 3, 01 / Mar 28, 17 09:53 UTC

Igor Ashurbeyli announces Unified Voting Day

on 1 Asgard, year 1 (18 June 2017 of the Gregorian calendar)

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Apr 3, 01 / Mar 28, 17 09:53 UTC
Apr 1, 01 / Mar 26, 17 13:37 UTC

Asgardia launches new exciting competition:

documentary and fiction video contest.

We are looking forward to receive your entries before 31 May.

Please follow the link to find out how to participate.

Mar 17, 01 / Mar 14, 17 14:53 UTC

«The Earth is a cradle of humankind, but we can not remain in the cradle forever» К. E. Tsiolkovsky

Space travel seemed like a science fiction concept in the beginning of the ...

Mar 16, 01 / Mar 13, 17 04:29 UTC

Mar 3, 17 22:17 UTC

Feb 16, 17 07:44 UTC
Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli Congratulates President-Elect Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany
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Feb 16, 17 07:41 UTC
Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli congratulates Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow on his re-election as the President of Turkmenistan.
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Jan 31, 17 15:04 UTC
Take a look at our contests ! All entries for the Flag, Insignia, Anthem, Motto, and Salutation contests have now been posted.
Jan 25, 17 11:14 UTC
The Asgardia Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli invites the Prime Minister of The Republic of Mauritius Pravind Kumar Jugnauth to join Asgardia in space exploration and looks forward to productive collaboration.
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Jan 20, 17 11:00 UTC

Igor Ashurbeyli Announces New Asgardian Calendar

Jan 20, 17 09:09 UTC
The Asgardia Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli wishes great success to The USA President Donald Trump in achieving his goals for the benefit of our common homeland — planet Earth, and looks forward to productive collaboration between Asgardia and USA.

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Dec 17, 16 18:55 UTC
The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Say hello to the new forum on Asgardia’s official website ! The new forum follows the structure you are already familiar with if you have participated in the Asgardia Facebook community life, yet it offers significant improvements ...
Dec 11, 16 14:43 UTC

It has been exactly two months since I announced the creation of our space nation.

As many of you requested, we extended the registration deadline on the Asgardia website from 31 October to today, 12 December.

The number of registrations has ...

Nov 30, 16 17:56 UTC

Winter greetings! Registration on the Asgardia website has started again! Everyone who has registered in the last month will be able to fill out the identity verification form and participate in the Asgardia forum and elections. We will also be accepting new registrations from December 1st until December ...

Nov 12, 16 09:46 UTC

Greetings to over half a million Earthlings from over 100 Earth countries who have joined Asgardia!

1. One month has passed since 12.10.16, when I announced the creation of the first space nation — Asgardia. We thought that the first 100,000 future Asgardians would register by the ...

Nov 8, 16 15:17 UTC

You've been waiting for it, you've been asking about it - and the flag contest voting is now open!

We have received thousands entries to our flag contest and our experts have chosen the best out of those entries to put to the Asgardian vote.


Nov 3, 16 16:24 UTC

After this time, you will be able to register for our waiting list only. Further details will be made public in Igor Ashurbeyli's address to Asgardians on November 12, on the 1 month anniversary of Asgardia.

Nov 3, 16 16:23 UTC

There are already over half a million Asgardians registered for citizenship, and the numbers are climbing! When will Asgardia reach a million? Registration is still open at