Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 16:29 UTC

An official ceremony took place today at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, during which Asgardia’s Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, an active supporter of space science development, signed an agreement to institute a new UNESCO prize and medal in the science category.

The prize and five medals will be awarded annually for contributions to the development of space science. Signing on behalf of UNESCO was Irina Bokova, its Director-General, and the first woman to lead the organization.

Also present were Alexander Kuznetsov, Russian Federation’s (RF) Ambassador to the Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, and RF’s Ambassador-at-large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Eleonora Mitrofanova, a former Permanent Delegate to UNESCO and former Chairperson of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

UNESCO’s honors are currently comprised of five awards, three prizes and four medals. This agreement marks an important addition to the existing categories.

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 17:21 UTC

When is Ashurbayli coming to UK? I want to shake his hand.

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 19:02 UTC

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Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 20:59 UTC
Little typo in name McBufftings.
Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 11:25 UTC
About:Constitution Dear Asgardia citizens, how do you do. About the Constitution of country,the article 4, article 28 and article 36-4 my advice would of space,letter case to be revised.