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Hello Asgardia!

Welcome to the first installment in my series of Let’s Talk Asgardia! Today I want to address some of the confusion in regards to the Asgardia-1 satellite and the upload limits to its database.

About Asgardia-1 Satellite
Asgardia Citizens and the Satellite
Limits and Types of Data Storage

About Asgardia-1

The Asgardia-1 satellite was entirely funded by Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. It was manufactured in cooperation between Asgardia and Nanoracks LLC by NearSpace Launch Inc . NanoRacks LLC is providing end-to-end launch services for Asgardia-1 satellite.

Asgardia-1 is a “2U” CubeSat, it’s dimensions are 10 x 10 x 20 cm (3.94 X 3.94 x 7.87 in) and weighs approximately 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs). It will have four deployable solar arrays and will primarily be a data storage satellite with a solid state drive of 0.5 terabytes (500 gigabytes or 500,000 megabytes apprx).


A CubeSat belongs to a category of nanosatellites (1-10 kg/2-22lbs). It is made of a cube structure (thus the name CubeSat) and each cube has size 10 x 10 x 10 cm (3.94 X 3.94 X 3.94 in).

About the launch and deployment of Asgardia-1

The scheduled date for the launch of Asgardia-1 is set for Fall 2017. Even though there is a preliminary launch schedule for some months to come, spaceflight is still an experimental domain and it is traditional to announce launch dates much closer to the launch.

Asgardia-1 will be part of a payload included in an Orbital ATK Antares rocket carrying the ninth Cygnus cargo vehicle to the International Space Station. The launch will be from the NASA Wallops Flight Center in Chincoteague Island, Virginia USA.


Asgardia-1 was originally planned to be part of a Space X payload launching out of Cape Canaveral, Florida later in the year. Since an opportunity for an earlier launch presented itself the Head of Nation decided to advance the launch.

The cargo vehicle will deliver Asgardia-1 to the ISS and stay as a part of the ISS assembly for a period of approximately 2 months. After the de-docking it will fly further up to perform another part of experimental programme. This will include deployment of Asgardia-1.


Once deployed, Asgardia-1 will have an approximate orbital period (the time it takes for it to circle the Earth) of 92.57 minutes. It will be travelling at about 7.8 kilometers per second (or 4.85 miles per second) which would be 28,000 kilometers per hour (or 17,500 miles per hour).

Asgardia citizens and Asgardia-1

Asgardia-1 will contain a database of all Asgardian legal documents and symbols, the adopted the Declaration of Unity and the Constitution of Asgardia, as well as the personal files submitted by Asgardia citizens. The database will be given to NanoRacks on 04 August, 0001 (20 July 2017) where it we will uploaded onto Asgardia-1 prior to launch.

After launch, there will be times in which the database onboard Asgardia-1 will be able to be updated. The first time it will happen is after the deployment, or in other words not before November 2017.

Before and after launch, all Asgardian citizens (up to the first 1.5 million) who have accepted the Constitution of Asgardia will be allowed to upload their files to the website for free to be added to the database that will be added to and updated on Asgardia-1.

After that free storage will not be offered.


All the files which Asgardia people have uploaded will be permanently be kept on Asgardia satellites thus providing a continuous virtual presence of all people of Asgardia in space.

Limits and Types of Data Storage

There are currently three amounts of virtual upload space being provided to Asgardia citizens.

  1. The first 100,000 citizens can submit up to 500KB per-person to Asgardia-1. (Those whose certificate of Asgardia number is between 1 and 100,000)
  2. The next 400,000 citizens can submit up to 200KB. (Starting with number 100 001 of certificate of Asgardia ad counting the next 400 000 people)
  3. The next million citizens after that to register and accept the Constitution can submit up to 100KB each.

After that, free storage will be closed.

Determining Your Storage Amount

Seeing your storage amount you are in is quite easy. First log into profile. Go to the satellite upload page and on the bottom left corner, above the upload button, it will show you the amount of upload space you have been provided or on the ‘Upload Your File’ page after you click on the ‘upload file’ button.

EDIT: I earlier stated that you can confirm your upload limit by checking your Asgardia ID number, this was incorrect. My apologies! What is displayed above the upload button or on the upload page are where you can confirm your upload amount.

Types of files and copyrights

You can upload four different types of files to the website.

Text files must be in .txt format.
Image files can be any image type but remember some types are larger than others
Video files must be in .mp4 format
Audio files can be either .mp3 or .aac format

All material uploaded must be either be your own or copyright free material. Asgardia respects copyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights. Any files found violating that will be deleted from the site upon discovery.

In case of the copyright violation it will be a responsibility of a person to face any legal consequences. Asgardia is providing storage space with clearly identified conditions of how to use it. Violation of the rules is under the responsibility of each user.

Private or not private?

Currently, there is a contest being run that you can enter when you upload your file to the website. It allows you to post your file publicly to be voted on by pressing ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ and the one with the most ‘like’ votes will win expanded space. These will always be public.

However, if you choose not to enter the contest, you will have three options. Public will show your file to the public, including ones not logged into the website. Friends only will display only to those you have added to your friends. Private is just that, private and no one can see the file except the moderation teams.

I hope that this first installment of Let’s Talk has cleared up any questions the community has about the satellite. If I have missed anything, please email your questions to and they will be able to answer them for you!


Rebekah Berg

Head of Community Affairs

NGO Asgardia

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 22:42 UTC

Thanks for the information, very helpful!

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 05:03 UTC

Rebekah, I think, it's not really correct to choose amount of storage by the certificate number. This number was calculated in the times, when Asgardia had >600k users. In the first 100k where was even bots and dublicates of 1 person. Not all of first 100k are got their certificates. Not all first 100k still in project and voted for Constitution (this just impossible, because we still have less than 100k of voters, right?).

As I can see at Elections tab, you're save the number of voter. It'll be more fair to start calculation of first 100k not from certificate number, but from number in Elections. As for example, I'm in the >300k by certificate, but number 78 of thoose, who voted for Constitution.

Sorry if my English isn't best. There is no aggression or something like that in this post. Just some thougths.

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 17:21 UTC

You are completely right! I checked with the team and they educated me on some information that I was lacking. I have updated my blog post to reflect that.

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 11:25 UTC

Our first step into Space!!

Nuestro primer paso hacia el Espacio!!

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 21:45 UTC

Спасибо за создание такого спутника. По размерам спутник маленький, но вместе с информацией становится огромным, так как с ним полетит частичка нашей души. Душа у нас всех безгранична.

Asg 18, 01 / Jul 5, 17 23:17 UTC


Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 00:59 UTC

Rebekah, this is not a question, but a correction to the location of the launch of Asgardia-1.  There is no such place as "Chattanooga, VA'.  NASA Wallop Flight Center's address is: Chincoteague Island, VA.  I just wanted to set the record straight.

Thanks for posting the information

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 17:22 UTC

Thank you, fixed! Good catch that three editors didn't get! :)

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 13:32 UTC

I have a question,

There does seem to be a bit of uncertainty in accertaining file size allocation in regards to reffering to our certificate number and ratification of constitution number and whether before the July 13th Hong Kong conference or after.

Im in the >23,000th Citizen to ratify constitution but my Certificate of Asgardia number is <700,000 but because i was pre July 13th Hong Kong conference i have 200kb . On the file upload page it shows as '6403 Asgardians' does this mean im the 6403rd to upload a file?

Some clarity and confirmation on what it all means would be very appreciated and i think helpful for fellow Asgardians who may also wish to upload.

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 17:23 UTC

Hi, what I had before about the certificate numbers was incorrect. I have updated my blog post to reflect that.

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 14:42 UTC
Asg 21, 01 / Jul 8, 17 20:32 UTC
Thanks for the information.
Asg 23, 01 / Jul 10, 17 05:22 UTC

Kayıt yaptım anayasayı onayladım kimlik bilgileri geldi onaylı asgardia başka bir eksiğimiz varmı acaba ?

Asg 24, 01 / Jul 11, 17 00:01 UTC

Thanks you for the information.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 10:20 UTC

Thank you for information. Tomas

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 21:10 UTC

I uploaded the same photograph twice by accident, how do I remove one to retrieve the limited satellite upload space?

Asg 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 20:57 UTC

I really wish to be involved in cooperation! - as part of Asgardia in delivery:
- for example when you mentioned: Asgardia-1 was built in cooperation between Asgardia and Nanoracks LLC by NearSpace Launch Inc . NanoRacks LLC is providing end-to-end launch services for Asgardia-1 satellite.
So, my question is: can be involved in a process on the side of Asgardia and than if it is in Asgardians benefit than to organize monitoring of the satellite,  collecting experience from first launch, make analysis with our internal team, learn from it ... there is nothing wrong that we have such companies as is Nanoracks LLC , but are we going to create own strategy and than own design or we will use external resources?
If we will grow our own capabilities than I'm looking for opportunity and offer my experience in managing of the future projects from design to ...

Thank  you! Dragan

Asg 28, 01 / Jul 15, 17 18:00 UTC

I am very proud and happy to be an

Asg 28, 01 / Jul 15, 17 20:59 UTC


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Jul 19, 01 / Aug 3, 17 00:07 UTC

Asgardia is the glory of all mankind

Aug 14, 01 / Aug 26, 17 10:52 UTC

Отлично, у Асгардии есть начало, а значит может бить и будущее, потому, как без сегодня не наступит завтра. А то, каким оно будет,  зависит от участия с пониманием каждого Асгардийца. Отдельное спасибо главе, ну и за разъяснительную статью.

Feb 22, 02 / Feb 19, 18 19:09 UTC
I truly wish that I could upload the short film that I coproduced back in 2011, a zero-dollar budget, completely independent film by the deceased, eccentric, Hamilton filmmaker named Eves Raja. The film itself was called "The Clone of Carl Jung," and I think that Eves would have loved the idea of having one of his films officially in space. He often claimed to be from Alpha Centauri... Perhaps we'll get more storage space at some point, or we'll be able to have a designated, Asgardian cultural satellite, for the various arts, as created by Asgardian citizens. It's something worth thinking about, as all great nations and civilizations develop a focus on creativity and philosophy. If you're reading this, and you like the idea of developing more focus on our own arts and culture, as Asgardians, then please cast a vote for me. I will make a blog post in the near future on this topic, now that I am suddenly inspired to further promote it. Vive Asgardia, Libre!