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Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 15:59 UTC

Almost 6,500 people have applied for leadership positions in Asgardia, and the number keeps growing.

As a final reminder, you can only apply for one position at a time. If you applied for more than one, you have 48 hours to select one position and delete the others. If you haven't taken any action in 48 hours, you will automatically be assigned one of the positions you've chosen, and the others will be deleted.

The positions available are:

- Debutant – 10 votes

- Strategist – 100 votes

- Trendsetter – 1,000 votes

- Ambassador – 10,000 votes

We hope to see even more leaders as people connect locally and globally. If you have questions about leadership elections, please write to

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 17:37 UTC

J'ai postulé il y a un certain temps et je maintiens ma candidature. Je prépare l'ouverture d'une ambassade d'Asgardia en France actuellement et j'ai même monté une permanence à TOULOn dans le Sud de laz France pour rencontrer tous les français asgardians à présent !

J'ai mis en ligne une video de campagne sur la page Facebook d'Asgardia afinn de me faire connaître du plus grand nombre.

J'attends les instructiuons pour aller plus loin.


I applied for it a while ago and I stand by my candidacy. I am preparing the opening of an embassy of Asgardia in France at the moment and I have even mounted a permanence in TOULOn in the South of France to meet all the French asgardians now!

I posted a campaign video on the Facebook page of Asgardia in order to let me know the largest number.

I await the instructions to go further.

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 18:17 UTC

Everyone will see very soon how the rules of our Game will be changed for the Election of Leaders, just as they were changed today for the approval of the Constitution.

We need to recruit 100,000 people! Why not 150,000? Why not 200,000?

NO ONE will get 10,000 votes to become Ambassador. As each of our petitions can not collect 1000 votes.

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 18:31 UTC

According to the present rules, we can have 10 Ambassadors, purely theoretically, because we will have 100,000 citizens. And we need to choose 13 Ministers and all the others. The rules of the game need to be changed now!

Jul 5, 01 / Jul 20, 17 19:20 UTC


If you go public now the whole thing goes down and if you really believe you can influence the world and change it, then you can get 1000 votes easily, my dear sir @Sergii2016 it's a Wise call to set it up this way and incase you haven't noticed 150 and 200 thousand is just like 2 and 3 million!!! this project is not intended to be public in such manner, you have joined and decided to walk the extra mile to be among people that has the same mindset as yours, so please kindly respect the will of the herd and share the same values and mentality. And my dear sir if you want to start your journey with disapprovals and demands for change, then please kindly note that YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE. The people standing by this project are in a war to make it happen and every word and idea you might have can help a lot. You can gladly petition one of your government leaders and ask for the changes you want through the proper channels intended for this purpose. And also please don't hold any grudges against those who you said have "Changed The Rules". Rules change to fit the needs of the community and our young one has just started walking so keep in mind that the "Rules" WILL KEEP CHANGING to better fit and suite reality and the problems we face..

Thank you...