Jul 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 17:10 UTC

Hello, Asgardia!

Welcome to the second installment of Let’s Talk, Asgardia! Today, I would like to address some of the questions and concerns from the community regarding leadership elections that are currently under way. I am going to focus on how the community itself can participate in this process and ensure that the leaders they think are best are elected.

Participation Equality

On June 13, 2017, elections for leadership began. In these elections, Asgardians can nominate themselves and vote for others.


As of July 8, 2017, there were more than 5,000 leadership nominations!

The leadership positions are open for all Asgardian citizens. Leaders need to show the community what they can do in their position as a leader. They need to become involved in the community online and in person. Unlike many countries around the world, where there is a cost associated with running in an election, signing up to run in Asgardia is free. In Asgardia, everyone has equal footing and an equal chance to prove to the community that they are the best person for the job.


In order to remain impartial, those who are employed by NGO Asgardia, as well as the National Community Managers (formerly Chapter Advocates), are disqualified from running in the leadership elections.

Also leaders at the Trendsetter and Ambassador levels are disqualified from volunteering with Civic.Asgardia; this allows them to devote more time to leading their regions.

How to Evaluate a Leadership Candidate

Are they using their real name? Are they displaying their real picture?

We welcome transparency in Asgardia and are striving to make a responsible society. As with any real government or elected position, community leaders in Asgardia must be accessible, and they must be real. This is not a popularity contest. These leaders will be expected to sign important documents with their real name, and to engage with real-world people and businesses to help build Asgardia. If they want to be leaders, people must show their face and use their real names.

What type of content is included in their campaign posts?

Asgardia is a fledgling nation. It needs community leaders with vision and drive, leaders who can help to create a solid foundation that withstands the test of time and that supports Asgardia’s case for statehood to the United Nations. Our first leaders are breaking ground to lead us into the future by supporting Asgardian citizens globally and within their local area. Whether an elected leaders works within a single city or whether they represent an entire country, community leaders build Asgardia.

Is the candidate located in your relevant area?

Debutant level candidates can only be supported by voters within 300km of their location. While Asgardians can vote for Strategist, Trendsetter and Ambassador  candidates anywhere in the world, voters must remember that if leaders are far away, they may not consider your local needs when elected.

Questions to Ask Leadership Candidates

(What we want to learn about people by asking these questions.)

What types of topics have they discussed on the Asgardia forums and social media outlets?

Leaders must be able to engage with the local community constructively and professionally. They need to be aware of local concerns and ideas, and be able to provide feedback and suggestions that will help Asgardia in a positive manner.

Are they skilled in both English and their local language(s)?

Like the United Nations, Asgardia must have an operational language, which is currently English. Leaders must be able to understand the policies and processes in order to enact them within their areas. Also, they must be able to lobby effectively for their local citizens.

Do you feel they can professionally represent your area to both Asgardia and to the public?

Successful leaders must convey not only confidence, but also must communicate the goals of Asgardia to its citizens and the public. Leaders will be an important part of how the public perceives Asgardia.

How conversant are they in Asgardia policy and procedure?

While representing your area, your leader must understand Asgardia’s history and culture. Use common sense as you evaluate their ability to properly answer questions about Asgardia and its policies and procedures.

What are their plans to help Asgardia grow?

Asgardia grows through member support. Leaders help engage and mobilise citizens in their communities. Ask questions and learn how your candidate plans to help Asgardia become a successful nation, a helpful nation, a long-lasting nation. Use your own judgement in evaluating if these goals are realistic and in line with the core concept of Asgardia.

How will they encourage local members to gather and participate in Asgardia?

Asgardia is a virtual nation, but it is made up of real people. In-person events and responsible management of resources are important in the expansion of our nation. Ask direct questions to find out what they have planned in this area.

What potential do you anticipate for business growth, fund-raising, professional accreditation, and community development grants?

A strong leader needs to grasp many aspects of the community. Nation-building is more than politics. A candidate must have a plan to work with Asgardian businesses. They should have ideas about how to generate revenue and how to encourage citizens to help Asgardia grow.

Have they responded to questions from the community previously?

Leaders themselves grow and evolve. Look at your candidate’s behavior online over the past few months. Find their posts in the forums. Look to see if their behavior matches their statement of intent.

For Next Time

If you have any suggestions for a future Let’s Talk, Asgardia!, please leave a message for me here or send a comment to your national chapter or center.


Rebekah Berg

Head of Community Affairs

NGO Asgardia

Jul 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 18:07 UTC

The moment is an awakening. But tomorrow we will be in a new world tending the opening of a new condition of life and scientific engineering.

Jul 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 18:07 UTC

The moment is an awakening. But tomorrow we will be in a new world tending the opening of a new condition of life and scientific engineering.

Jul 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 18:15 UTC

Can a person run for a strategist now if they're planning on permanently moving to another country in 3 months? Will their district change once they change their information in the profile?

Oct 10, 01 / Oct 17, 17 05:25 UTC

Hi Kristina, I am interested in the answer you may already have received as I am in the same situation as yours!
Oct 10, 0001 / Oct 17, 2017

Jul 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 21:18 UTC

I wish to be candidate for 2 countries - one is my origin and second is where I'm living for 20 years ... if we are virtual country why I can't be chosen with votes from several countries as well? (in each of them I'm perfectly talking domestic language) ...

Jul 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 08:15 UTC

I guess you thought about putting in place an instruction booklet for future leaders, as well as supervision by skilled people to guide the candidates?

Jul 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 23:39 UTC

We need a new world with real freedom and respect!

Jul 12, 01 / Jul 27, 17 05:17 UTC

Hi there thank you for share this, I was wondering where can I review the deadline about elections?

Jul 13, 01 / Jul 28, 17 13:51 UTC

This period is likely to be a difficult one, as things like guides to leadership in essence need to be created by us, the hard way, by talking, discussing and finally settling on the best advice that can be given for Asgardians. That isn't to say we should ignore ...

Jul 14, 01 / Jul 29, 17 12:00 UTC

We need the better place, better people, and better life

Jul 20, 01 / Aug 4, 17 11:38 UTC

I agree with you Shaolin Twelve. This would be a very difficult period. It would take a great effort , in searching for the right man on the right place. Analogically ATSN is new-born baby. Trial and Error, Natural Selection , conflicts, disenchantment and its any form of commotion ...

Jul 25, 01 / Aug 9, 17 22:03 UTC

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