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Jul 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 15:24 UTC

Asgardia’s population size reached more than 275,000, propelling it to 180 th place by population size worldwide. It is rapidly approaching the population size of Barbados and Iceland, and has just passed the population of Vanuatu and French Guinea.

The leadership elections, currently underway, are expected to contribute to this growth, as Asgardians invite their friends and those who share their ideas to join Asgardia, vote, and participate in building a new society.

Jul 11, 01 / Jul 26, 17 20:19 UTC

While we all know that Asgardia currently has no physical land in which to move to and becoming an Asgardian is just as easy a clicking on a few things, filling out some information, and accepting the rules & regulations, this is truly wonderful news and I honestly believe that Asgardia could potentially become one of the largest populations in the world.

Jul 12, 01 / Jul 27, 17 08:04 UTC

Not sure if we can consider the total number of people registered to be citizens. Citizenship should depend on whether a person is sharing the same principles & aspirations with the rest of the population as well as the willingness of the person to share the pain with others. A lot of people have registered only because they believed the idea of living in space was cool which BTW can very much not happen in our life time. Others were intrigued by the opportunity to make scientific breakthroughs that can better the world that we live in today forever yet some were discouraged by the fact they might end up shouldering some burdens like paying taxes for example. It goes without any saying that what we are aspiring for is not easy and there will be sacrifices.

Jul 13, 01 / Jul 28, 17 19:16 UTC

Agreed. I do remember reading the constitution about paying taxes and certainly would like to know more about that. Does anyone know where we can learn more about these so called "taxes"?