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Aug 15, 01 / Aug 27, 17 19:14 UTC

On 19 August 2017, Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia held another Q&A session online . Among other things, De Winne spoke about English as the operational language of Asgardia.

She agreed that there are concerns about the use of English only as the means of communication, but also explained that “ official language and operational language are different things, of course. We have to start somewhere... It’s our reality and we live in it.”

However, she reminded viewers that Asgardia is already working in 12 languages: “In terms of official documentation, as you have seen, the Constitution was published in 12 languages. These are the 12 most spoken languages in Asgardia. We will be working on publishing and presenting all [official] materials in the 12 most spoken languages of Asgardia.”

She thanked the volunteers who have helped with translations: “All I can say is to thank you to all the volunteers who make an effort to take forward everything we publish and make transcripts of what I say, to put translations forward, to collect feedback from the respective groups and to generate responses and feedback to us in the administration.” De Winne added that for now, Google Translate does a decent job for translating pages in Google Chrome, and suggested people use it for the time being.

As for the creating of an independent language for Asgardia, she said it’s not impossible. “It's not action number one on our to-do list, but it's certainly a natural thing to consider. Let’s say we are open to this. There hasn't yet been a lot of work done to make this happen, but this thinking is on-going, it's certainly possible,” she said.

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Aug 23, 01 / Sep 4, 17 13:50 UTC

English is also widely regarded as "The language of business." so that will also be helpful if we want to get taken seriously by the wider community.

Aug 25, 01 / Sep 6, 17 13:48 UTC

Asgardia is different. I think that the majority of Asgardian people can speak English as a bridge language, and this is very useful to can understand all the communications, announcements... but we should keep speaking the other 11 official languages for that reason.. because Asgardia is different; and that ...

Aug 28, 01 / Sep 9, 17 17:01 UTC

Me gustaría expresar mis reservas a que el inglés sea el único idioma operativo de Asgardia. En teoría hay doce lenguas oficiales, y dado que en la Tierra no hemos podido dotarnos de un idioma auxiliar común, como se intentó con el esperanto, la ONU optó por ...

Sep 28, 01 / Oct 7, 17 10:30 UTC

English is a universal language and majority of people in Asgardia speak English

Oct 3, 01 / Oct 10, 17 15:01 UTC

In my opinion, the majority of Asgardian people can understand or speak English, but it's not their main language. (like in my case)