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Aug 16, 01 / Aug 28, 17 08:36 UTC

On 19 August 2017, Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia held another Q&A session online . Viewers sent in questions about the logistical structure of Asgardia and De Winne’s role. De Winne explained all in detail.

When asked about her role as Asgardia’s spokesperson, De Winne answered that she’s an employee of Dr. Ashurbeyli. “ I have been working for the Aerospace International Research Center since it was formed. Predominantly I was working on ROOM , [the Space Journal], which started in the summer of 2014. I was, and I still am, Director at Room, and when Dr. Ashurbeyli decided to put Asgardia to public view, he has asked number of people who already worked for him to transfer part of their time to Asgardia. I was among those people Dr. Ashurbeyli ask to work for Asgardia.”

De Winne is the CEO and VP of NGO Asgardia, and a few people had questions about what NGO Asgardia is. De Winne explained: “This is a legal structure. Originally, Dr. Ashurbeyli formed the Aerospace International Research Center in Vienna, and that was the legal entity that organized all the activities in Europe including ROOM: the Space Journal. And then, when Dr. Ashurbeyli decided that it’s time to go public with his idea of Asgardia, on which he has been working for many years.”

“We originally ran it legally under the Aerospace International Research Center,” she continued. “But as Asgardia has been growing -- in October it will be one year -- and as many new activities are picking up, it’s necessary to set up legal structure that will be fully independent and fully supportive of the prospect Asgardian activities. So there are two legal structures, Asgardia NGO and Asgardia AG.”

“Asgardia NGO is the prototype of the future state,” she explained. “Indeed, it does sound a little bit peculiar because an NGO is a non-governmental organization. That legal structure is the easiest to transform into the governmental structure, once the whole procedure is implemented, once the Parliament is elected and the government is appointed.”

As for Asgardia AG, De Winne noted that it “is a legal entity that allows commercial activities. At the moment we have two websites, and www. . So in a way, is a website of Asgardia NGO and future state of Asgardia, and is a website of Asgardia AG, of the commercial entity, which would allow for organizing the startups and future activities.”

You asked, Asgardia answered. For more answers to questions you may have, please see our Frequently Asked Questions .

Aug 16, 01 / Aug 28, 17 18:54 UTC

Thank you for all that you do for our cause. I am here much like many others to help in any little way we can to move this vision forward.

Thank you!

Aug 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 09:53 UTC

Thank you for pursuing this endeavor and allowing us all to become citizens of asgardia, if I can help at all let me know please. I truly can't wait to be able to live up on the first residential station for us.

Aug 26, 01 / Sep 7, 17 13:35 UTC

Thank you so much for doing a very good Job !