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Aug 17, 01 / Aug 29, 17 10:03 UTC

On 19 August 2017, Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia held another Q&A session online . The launch of Asgardia-1, currently pushed back to November, was discussed.

Currently, NASA is publishing the date of the 10th of November for the 088 Cygnus vehicle where ASGARDIA-1 satellite is one of the cargo. This depends on NASA. Launch dates often shift. There are various reasons for that. Space business is still a tricky one. Every space flight is a test flight. Nothing is yet routine. In every flight, anything that is doubtful would be a reason for the delay. That’s how the business is run,” De Winne commented.

She reassured Asgardians that the “Asgardia-1 satellite, as you have seen, is ready. It's staying in the integration facility of Nanoracks, who are our partners in preparing the satellite. The moment NASA tells them that they're ready for integrating cargo into the Cygnus vehicle, Nanoracks will just go step-by-step. They were ready to do it earlier. That’s why earlier we had a countdown clock on the website saying how much time was left until you could have uploaded your files. This was [based on] date announced by NASA of the launch on the 12th of September. With that schedule, the 23rd of July was the last day we could have possibly had any files from you to transfer to the hard disk that would be integrated into the satellite. The moment we were told that there will be a delay, we are immediately telling you that you are welcome to upload your files as long as room is available.”

She concluded: “The current published launch date is 12th of November. If by chance it happens that the launch is shifting forward rather than backward, we are ready. The moment NASA tells Nanoracks to submit hardware for integration it will be done immediately because we are perfectly on the good track.”

De Winne reminded Asgardians that “the way to fly virtually to space is to upload your data via the website, so that it can be still transferred to the satellite. The satellite is going to fly on the Cygnus vehicle that will launch to the International Space Station. It will then, after a couple of months, detach, fly further up a little, and then deploy several satellites, including Asgardia-1, into outer space. That's when the free flight is going to start and that's when the solar arrays will open. So we all are looking forward for this launch to happen.”

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Aug 17, 01 / Aug 29, 17 23:48 UTC

Wonderful to see looking forward to seeing the posts about this in the coming months and the big event day in November!  Cheers to all Asgardians.

Sep 10, 01 / Sep 19, 17 15:02 UTC

אני צאצא של יהודים, אני אוהב את עמי יש לי מנת משכל גבוהה מאוד של כתיבה עתיקה וכתיבה עתיקה איתנו את האמת של העבר של האנושות איתנו את הלבנים ואת החושך של הכסאות המכוונים את העולם ואת השקרים התיאטרליים של nasa , השקרים של ההיסטוריה שלנו והדת המשתעבבת, כל מה שסובב אותנו הוא אשליה ותהום של מים בפאסטאדו של עולם רב-מדיני עד אז, ומוגדרים על-ידי ישויות בעלות אינטרסים משלהם. אני יהודי רוחני מבחינה גנטית עם חותמת הבורא בלבי