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Sep 11, 01 / Sep 20, 17 20:51 UTC

During a September Q&A; session online , Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, and the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia, addressed a number of questions posted by Asgardians online. One of them concerned clarification of who the Golden Hundred Thousand are, and what it means to be included.

“If you have voted for the Constitution before the date of the decree that the voting is over, you are in [the Golden Hundred Thousand],” she said, referring to Decree No 7 issued on 1 September 2017. The actual number of people who have voted for the Constitution before that date is 101,500, she said, but they are all included in what “we symbolically call the Golden Hundred Thousand.”

De Winne explained further: “These are the people who voted in support of the Constitution in the first voting term. Once this voting has finished… the Constitution was accepted.” She reminded viewers that the constitutional voting was calculated as the percentage of those who voted “yes” versus all of the people who visited the voting page but did not vote – those are counted as having voted “no.”

“The Golden Hundred Thousand are those people who said ‘yes’ before the voting was closed. And these people are already now considered citizens,” De Winne noted. By voting in favour of the Constitution, the people in the Golden Hundred Thousand have thus passed the third level of verification.

As to what happens next, De Winne said that “once we are in the position to provide ID cards and passports and services, these people are immediately entitled to claim their citizenship. We will issue identification to people who come to present themselves at the nearest consulate, providing their real documents, identifying themselves as real people. We are very particular about the transparency and the reputation of Asgardia. So the Golden Hundred Thousand have a benefit of having this right already.” Embassies and consulates are yet to be set up.

She reminded everyone that Asgardia continues to welcome new people. “Everybody who registers for Asgardia now will be offered to vote for the Constitution, which entitles the applicant to gain citizenship eventually. But, for now, this will be postponed until the Ministry of Citizenship starts operating.”

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Sep 12, 01 / Sep 21, 17 14:31 UTC

Спасибо, дорогой Ленн. Ваши ответы в письменном виде представляют особую ценность, так как появляется возможность рассмотреть проблемы, сформулированной в тексте. Думаю, -для многих Асгардцы важно. Спасибо.

Jan 11, 02 / Jan 11, 18 18:28 UTC
How to know if we are part of it?
Jan 14, 02 / Jan 14, 18 21:44 UTC
to know it, go to the profile , bottom of the page - Constitution of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia - and click on (read full text).
Feb 13, 02 / Feb 10, 18 21:31 UTC
I would like to know the same thing