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Sep 12, 01 / Sep 21, 17 17:16 UTC

During a September Q&A session online , Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, and the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia, addressed a number of questions posted by Asgardians online. Currently, only 15% of registered Asgardians are women. Asgardians have asked: are there programs or campaigns to promote Asgardia to encourage more women to join?

“We are open to everybody,” De Winne stated. “We do not have any prejudice on gender orientation, race, Earthly religion. The whole point of Asgardia is that it's a totally open community and society for people who want to join.”

To attract more women to Asgardia, she asked those who are already a part of Asgardia to “invite your partners, invite your girlfriends, invite your wives, invite your female friends from the community where you are involved on Earth.”

De Winne mentioned that just because currently there are more registered male Asgardians, it should in no way be assumed that Asgardia is male-centric. “Actually, there are many women in the core team where I work. I am in top management, and there are two women on my team who work with me directly.”

She urged Asgardians to talk to their friends: “What it is that women want, please help us find out. We might find out something we don't know yet.” De Winne noted that Asgardia is open to placing resources and infrastructure toward the implementation of initiatives that will attract more women. She also said, “If you as an Asgardian feel that you want to make sure that more women are invited, by all means, please initiate this within the community.”

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Sep 12, 01 / Sep 21, 17 18:25 UTC

If you're interested in this topic, I also wrote an article addressing comments made by the press about the lack of women in asgardia:

Sep 12, 01 / Sep 21, 17 18:30 UTC

As one of those rare few women, it would indeed be nice to see more women interested in the future!

Sep 13, 01 / Sep 22, 17 12:07 UTC

I would like to suggest creating a ministry of family, so that women can identify themselves more with our global project of a nation in space.

Oct 11, 01 / Oct 18, 17 11:25 UTC

I'm totaly agree with you !!

Of course, when we talk about Asgardia, we firstly talk about science, technology, space ... but sometimes some Asgardians maybe forget that we talk about Nation, so we need to talk about science etc... but we have to talk about familly, education, and all there subjects.

Maybe some Asgardians (womens) will say that women don't only think about familly; kids , all of ther subjects and that it's sexist to say that talk about all of it maybe can attract more women to Asgardia, but i don't think that

i'm a young mother, and when my husband talked about Asgardia to me for the first time, i wasn't really agree with him, i would just take care about our baby and be sure that she'll have a good futur. Then i tryed to understand what Asgardia wanna made, and now, i know that i'm so agree with Asgardia, because i think that can made a better futur for our children !

Sep 15, 01 / Sep 24, 17 05:07 UTC

Food for thought.

I like the idea of putting the invite out and planting that seed to awaken within the person it calls out too.  It is my believe that on Earth society predicts basic everyday behaviour for many... it is difficult for many woman to stand alone to voice their choices for themselves ..

Because....society predicts!

Now.... we are noticing humanity is changing in certain ways.  Some woman may prefer to learn from the first ones taking that lead before they follow.  More exposure on the news channels wilk help.  Maybe,  WITHOUT spoiling the subject of ' more males than female ' theory.... will get them comming without feeling presured by any form of scary 'what if's!'

It takes a special ' breed' or type first.  I will not agree with ministries, church groups etc for instance to attract anybody.

Free we should be. Allow me to explain myself.  Togetherness we will find on Argardia when we put our vision, voices within, and our true calling forward to attract like minded members to form sisterhoods maybe.  I have a strong feeling we are moving in this direction. With sisterhood I mean, spiritual groups, healing, advisors, natural councelors, practice of toning and meditation sessions. Remembering who we truly are and Co-create our reality practicing free will .

Slow to re-act,

slower to anger and

quick to love unconditionally!

Yes, they will come.  As woman we all want to experience beauty, as without.. as a reflection.

Together we are One


Sep 24, 01 / Oct 3, 17 04:54 UTC

I'm one of the 15% in Asgardia and probably 0.01% of the 0.1% of the 1% in many other ways, who knows.  I know 2 things: 1) 15% is just another number.  2) We are all unique.  What's more important is not what we look like but what we do.