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Sep 13, 01 / Sep 22, 17 09:40 UTC

During a September Q&A session online , Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, and the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia, addressed a number of questions posted by Asgardians online. In particular, she spoke about startups in Asgardia, and how Asgardians can begin to convert their ideas into businesses.

Asgardia in general, as it has been conceived, is a country of startups, a country of new opportunities,” she said. “Quite soon, the website will become much more populated with information, and one of the areas of expansion will provide an opportunity to make proposals for startups.”

In this, Asgardia is collaborating with Seraphim Venture Capital, a major venture capital organization in Europe and the only one that is space-related. “Asgardia is setting up an approach by which it will co-fund startups. Together with Seraphim, and also on its own, Asgardia is prepared to invest and co-invest and to support the development of startups and their growth within the jurisdiction of Asgardia.”

As for the areas of focus, De Winne said that “those can be space-related projects, but they can also be anything scientific and technological. It can be software, it can be electronic boards, it can be avionics, it can be all sorts of interesting promising start-ups that can be useful for the community and can potentially carry technological and engineering benefits.”

If you have an idea and are willing to see it through, she said, “the business opportunity is there.” She said that a community of experts will conduct an independent review and advise Asgardia on investing into the growth of particular startups.

Where does one begin? “You’re welcome to establish business plans,” De Winne said. “If you have a startup idea and you have a business plan to support this idea, by all means, please do make this proposal. Write it down. Send us the proposal…show a business plan and the revenue streams and the request for investment and how it is meant to grow as a business. We're open to proposals.”

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Sep 13, 01 / Sep 22, 17 11:54 UTC

Good ,Asgardia put weight on Space-related business anything scientific and technological. I assume  ,only a very small fraction of Asgardian would be able to be involved , then what  would  the overwhelming majority of Asgardians do ? Do you encourage a group of lame duck ? or grasping hands . Please consider the profile of Asgardians' Demography.Why not a word  at all  about Social Enterpreneurship ? or middle scale businesses  which would create jobs and profit ?

Sep 26, 01 / Oct 5, 17 20:55 UTC

How can I register a organization and what are the conditions?

Nov 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 03:06 UTC

É preciso ficar claro se os negócios feitos no Reino de Asgardia gerará frutos para o Reino ou para a Terra, se temos uma visão de sermos um novo conceito de povo com novos pensamentos e ideais precisamos focar principalmente no que a nossa Constituição representa e o peso que ela pode ter em nossos negócios. O erro que acontece nas sociedades é não defender suas constituições, quem é o guardião deste livro somos nós cidadãos.