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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Sep 17, 01 / Sep 26, 17 16:21 UTC

During a September Q&A session online , Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, and the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia, addressed a number of questions posted by Asgardians online. She also discussed recent developments.

Mechanisms for Change

Now that the approved Constitution has created the framework for the Asgardian society to operate in, there are mechanisms in place for areas that can be improved.

De Winne said: “That is why the Constitution defines the rule by which it is possible to submit petitions. Those petitions can be submitted by any Asgardian. Petitions are published on the website, and they stay there for sixty days. They need to collect a number of votes and they need to be addressed properly. Then, if they are initiated and handled correctly, they will arrive with the respective addressee and recipient and the government, and they will have to be processed.”

She continued: “For example, if you have any specific desire to change any article or chapter of the Constitution, please write a petition. Talk to your countrymen Asgardians. Collect the signatures. Make sure that the petition is fully ready, and it will be submitted to the respective branch of the government, and then, if it all goes through correctly, this will be the basis to call a referendum. The referendum will be the basis for changing the Constitution like in any democracy. It's exactly the democratic procedure that is defined in the Constitution.”

Privacy Protection

De Winne reminded Asgardians to keep “your number in the certificate of Asgardia safe. This is your unique number that in the future will allow you to use all the government and national services.”

Status of UN Recognition

When asked about UN recognition, De Winne said that “ it's not so black and white.”

“The paperwork has been prepared and at the same time, contexts are being initiated with other countries on Earth. There is no such thing as requirements to be met to be appointed a state…no set of formal criteria. We are preparing an extended set of documents for the United Nations to start working with them, but it's not like ‘please accept me to become a member’ -- it doesn't work like this. The work is ongoing.”

You asked, Asgardia answered. For more answers to questions you may have, please see our Frequently Asked Questions .

Sep 18, 01 / Sep 27, 17 13:50 UTC

I know we will succeed.

Sep 21, 01 / Sep 30, 17 17:22 UTC

I am Happy to be an Asgardian, and I'm ready to do my best!

Sep 24, 01 / Oct 3, 17 08:10 UTC

Ne Gerekiyorsa Yapalım

Sep 26, 01 / Oct 5, 17 10:51 UTC

i think every great dream starts with small steps that need to continue to become as real as the life itself, Go Forward Asgardians! We Gonna Make it Real.

Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 06:38 UTC

I know we will succeed

Oct 6, 01 / Oct 13, 17 18:54 UTC

How long i can to feel asgardia?

Jan 25, 02 / Jan 25, 18 21:13 UTC
Quiero creer nuevamente! ante tanta apatía del ser humano actual que ha perdido la fe los principios la esperanza donde creemos que nuestro planeta sera eterno por ello lo hemos destruido poco a poco pero sueño ese día que realmente veamos a lado a nuestro semejante y decirle soy ser ...