Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:29 UTC
**Date: 26 FEB 2017** **In attendance:** Alan Player, Dominic Sturt, Jason Rainbow, Nikari Steve Miller, Ryan Zohar, Christina Cole. Rebekah Berg. **Welcome** **Review Prior Report** Staff reviewed notes from the last meeting. No additional comments were added. **Department Roundtable Updates** **Administration (Nik).** Getting caught up after being on break. Revised project submission memo and proposal guide; reposted to staff areas for cross-posting. Finished department Scope & Staffing Outline for Projects area. Staff approved. Moving to Chapters department next. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BydyXO59FB2GLW12OGlRV1NGUFk **Social Media / Volunteers (Jason).** Two moderators are in training, near end of probation. No responses to query emails for intake interviews for new candidates. **Media (Ryan).** Buzz is fading, time to review and assess current needs. Community involvement is lower. Hard to play middle-man between tiers of the community. Working to to coordinate news release and contact with internal media and officials. Will try to position C.A. media closer to NGO Asgardia content staff. Recognizing the schism between community who desires involvement and those who possess the technical skills. The big picture needs technical help, not social help. Professional help has fallen out of social engagement. **Projects (Dominic).** Strong focus will be for Projects to slow down engagement attrition. Idea submissions is underwhelming; partially community engagement and promotion. Ideas received thus far do have merit but do require significant development. Round A of proposal development is still being tested. **Localisation / Archives / US Advocate (Christina)** The US chapter needs more engagement due to changes in staffing. Localization seems to not be needed as much right now; shifting it to lower priority. **Chapters (Alan).** Acclimating to new position. Looking forward to department overview. Large challenges with engagement and activation of advocates and staff. There have been several resignations and releases, thus leaving vacancies. Four new chapters are being initiated. Developing a standardized approach to Facebook presentation, staffing positions, and the release of news updates. If we cannot reconcile unofficial pages with the more active chapters, we make a few contact attempts then proceed forward with supporting active groups; if an existing page or group is inactive or cannot be aligned then we continue to move forward as best we can. Social Media staff are asked to keep an eye out for active members who show constructive initiative for potential engagement with their national chapter. **Issues** Much discussion about community engagement and involvement. Professional contributions have waned. Improve Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths (STEM) research engagement, open-source scientific community. Allow credentialled conversations. May need to go back to promotional and planned posts. Follow member suggestion of topic of the week, a safe place that is heavily monitored, in order to encourage orderly conversation. Safe environment, psychological space free from trolls. Explore Ryan’s paper on safe spaces. Format the report for release to staff release and one for community release to encourage respectful discussions. The shift from Posting Guidelines > Code of Conduct shift was delayed. The Code may work better than ‘rules’... explanations and reasoning are less punitive than guidelines. Create a Scientific / Professional advisory panel can help with constructive community and technical engagement. Ought consider using community standards of professional status, yet balanced with social skills. Can provide technical guidance to member discussions. Improve circulation of news and updates across chapters. **Official Updates (Rebekah)** Community engagement is down. Officials are responding by providing more news and content. There has been much work; officials are very focused on “doing” and it can be hard to remember to “tell” about everything that occurs. Officials are planning to build infrastructure for increased technology workload that allows for more collaboration and partnerships. Groundwork is being laid for future development. Progress reports are coming. Continued patience is needed by the community. **Next Meeting** Senior C.A. Staff next Sunday, 12 EST Chapter Management (Alan, Rebekah, Nik) on Friday Planning for meeting of all National Advocates and for Community Engagement panel. Respectfully Submitted, Nikari Steve Miller **DOC LINK:** https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-rOBKSWgt5wjB6D6k4leupRp4sFnDJxjA50yxWDKW7U