Jun 25, 01 / Jun 14, 17 20:43 UTC
Volunteering For Asgardia

Hello Asgardia!

Asgardia is growing every day. New members join our nation, they talk in our forums, they share ideas in our Facebook and Twitter groups. Many Asgardians want to volunteer their skills and knowledge help us grow.

Civic.Asgardia manages community involvement for NGO Asgardia. The larger organization handles space programs, business affairs, and nation-building. Civic.Asgardia handles volunteer management, project management, social media, and other community functions.

Volunteer applications for most technical, scholarly, governmental, or business positions are directed to staff at the NGO. Applications for community positions in our community area are processed by Civic.Asardia. NOTE: Asgardia does not possess nor is it planning space habitats at this time. Our primary focus in community management and business planning.

Civic sponsors regular rounds of recruiting for new volunteers. These are planned to occur every few months. Notices are posted in the Forum and in the Facebook groups. We will post vacancies for specific positions that need assistance, such as Social Media Specialist or Events Assistant.

Please understand that Civic is operated by volunteers. To keep our recruiting process efficient, we process applications in batches during the recruiting rounds.

While we accept volunteer applications at any time, if you contact us between recruiting rounds we will add your application to our files. If we need help, we review those pending applications individually and may interview people as needed.

For best results, it is suggested that members wait for a recruiting round to be announced so that each person may apply for the specific position that best matches their qualifications.

To help us process your application promptly, be sure to include the following information:

  • Legal Name, in English
  • Member ID
  • Email address
  • Specific Position applying for, or describe the type of duties you can offer
  • Country of residence
  • Year of birth
  • Primary and secondary languages in which you are fluent
  • Attached CV in English is requested

Please note that the official language for Asgardia is English. We support 11 other languages, but our daily business is conducted in English. Strong fluency and communication skills in English are needed for all volunteers.

Thank you for your interest in helping Asgardia: the Space Nation succeed.


Rebekah Berg, Head of Community Affairs, NGO Asgardia

Nikari Steve Miller, Administrative Coordinator, Civic.Asgardia

Jun 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 14:37 UTC

Good morning fellow counterparts.  Im very glad to become a part of this near future project.

Jun 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 17:01 UTC


I am glad to be a part of this grand project, i sent email to the volunteers help desk, i want to volunteer in this great project of which i am a part of now as a citizen and strategist runner. Please do let me know how i can be of assistance and get involved with the project.

Jun 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 19:14 UTC

Good afternoon Asgardians!

I too would love to be part of this more grandeur project! As of right now, I am a citizen and a Strategist Runner as well.

Please give a direct area where we can submit our Applications - as I would like to post mine for your review.

Jun 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 19:41 UTC

hello!, good afternoon to all!

i want to see this Project grow, i want to be part of the team that can make this happen. i can offer my help and my knowledge to all Asgardia, if we share our knowledge to the comunity we can make big things happen.

i can assume that big projects like this needs a huge coordination and a lot of conviction to all members of it, also need a good personnel and good management to get things going. i have a bachelor's degree in business administration with speciality at Human Resources, my first language is Spanish but i have a certification in English language.

if you are interested and i can be helpful, please tell me where can i send my Application.

one humanity, one unity.

Jun 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 00:33 UTC

Hi,where can i send my appliication

Jun 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 15:53 UTC

Hello, great news!!!, but where can i send my application?

Jun 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 15:54 UTC

Hello, great news!!!, but where can i send my application?

Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 01:12 UTC

I found this email in the Q & A section, volunteers@asgardia.space

Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 07:01 UTC

Hello to all

My name is Joaquín

That is a crazy idea, but i call evolution...

Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 09:49 UTC

Hello congenders

Asg 2, 01 / Jun 19, 17 13:02 UTC


Asg 3, 01 / Jun 20, 17 09:24 UTC

this joking???

Asg 8, 01 / Jun 25, 17 03:26 UTC
Tin vui cho tôi
Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 22:18 UTC

Question to admin, how can we be a NGO, when we are forming a government? Thanks and congratulations Asgardia on reaching a 1/4million! Please vote for Kenneth Eric Edelen, 10,000 Asgardians needed.