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Lyles, TN 37098, USA
Sep 10, 22 / Sco 01, 06 12:40 UTC
What happened to of the people for the people? All I see is a lot of rich people spreading lies and deceitful propaganda. Why don't WE THE PEOPLE simply remove them from office and start over?? After all we are armed to the teeth and should not be subjected to ...
Aug 28, 22 / Lib 16, 06 15:27 UTC
I am a dog
Aug 24, 22 / Lib 12, 06 23:56 UTC
Extremely grateful to have potentially found something that could have an immense impact on the foundation that my children’s path may take. Too long I have been just another cursed to see right through all Lies, deceit, and downright evil gaslighting. I’ve always tried my best with people that I ...
Aug 27, 22 / Lib 15, 06 02:45 UTC
Here is the answer to all your woes my friend.. Zeonism Casval Rem Deikun Zeonism's core tenets are complete Autonomy for all of potential Space and the Planets beyond from any Terrestrial Political or Governmental Control. It preaches that the Earth is sacred and must be converted into a nature ...
Aug 18, 22 / Lib 06, 06 11:10 UTC
Re-icing Antarctica by cooling the poles, especially by creating cloud cover over South Australia, Argentina and the ocean surrounding Antarctica would prevent further melting of the massive sheets of ice and could turn the tide in the struggle to cope with rapidly thawing ice shelves, especially as so many nuclear ...
Aug 18, 22 / Lib 06, 06 06:24 UTC
The Ankhs to all who endeavor to maintain the vital health of humanity and planet Earth!
Gratitude to all who have striven for are currently striving to aid the continuance of our species! I pray for good guidance, strength, health and happiness for all of us. Peace and OneLove
Sep 10, 22 / Sco 01, 06 19:14 UTC
Reminds me of the sunflower fields in France
Jul 30, 22 / Vir 15, 06 19:21 UTC
As one of the golden 100K Asgardians. I'm here stopping by to check upon all of my residents and Asgardians to make sure you all are still here with us to this day and maybe even beyond. Idk if most have left or if a few dedicated individuals have stayed. ...
Aug 1, 22 / Vir 17, 06 03:37 UTC
... anything and everything (sexual/non-sexual) reproduction requires earth's complex composite mix of oxygen and other elements only available on earth. Therefore any attempts to reproduce mankind in any other ozones in outer space will meet create defects and disaster..,.
Jul 30, 22 / Vir 15, 06 19:01 UTC
Thank you. Its such an honor
I had already received mine weeks ago. Just never had the time to show my appreciation. People won't never understand that our Nation is 100% legitimate and space faring Until they see that we have Arks being constructed for the first human child birth in space. They will find out ...
Aug 15, 22 / Lib 03, 06 16:39 UTC
Love it!
Aug 2, 22 / Vir 18, 06 08:46 UTC
Beautiful! OHOU!
Jul 28, 22 / Vir 13, 06 20:24 UTC
Hello, my name is Eden, I don’t know how to change where I’m from but I don’t live where it says I live. I love Norse mythology and Tom Hiddlestons portrayal of Loki Laufeyson. I hope you enjoy this group as much as I do.
Jul 28, 22 / Vir 13, 06 21:44 UTC
Hi, Eden, I think that you can change this in your profile, Basic info.
Jul 28, 22 / Vir 13, 06 20:15 UTC
I have finally become an official Asgardian, the Norse gods would be so proud of me
Jul 28, 22 / Vir 13, 06 21:48 UTC
Jul 16, 22 / Vir 01, 06 17:41 UTC
Jul 17, 22 / Vir 02, 06 13:49 UTC
Jul 17, 22 / Vir 02, 06 10:04 UTC
Hello Frederick 👋
Jun 18, 22 / Leo 01, 06 13:37 UTC
For many years I've used the mantra of "meditation instead of medication." I have found that meditation is extremely beneficial in healing the mind, body, and soul but, I recognize that not everyone - nor all illnesses - may be healed by meditation alone. Medication should be a last resort ...
Jun 18, 22 / Leo 01, 06 12:41 UTC
Happy Unity Day all Asgardians.
Jun 13, 22 / Can 24, 06 03:42 UTC
I checked my profile to see that I'm missing 75 sol out of nowhere. What is going on? Like I'm going to need it back in my account.. Edited: Thank you for fixing everyone's sol. One Humanity One Unity
Jun 14, 22 / Can 25, 06 07:23 UTC
Seems to be repaired now..
Jun 13, 22 / Can 24, 06 05:03 UTC
Jun 13, 22 / Can 24, 06 04:58 UTC
Yes, my wallet is at zero.. maybe some changes with the scripts..
Apr 24, 22 / Gem 02, 06 13:55 UTC
Its been a while since I made a post but wanted to touch on the subject of a private production facility, Residential areas, test site, and spaceport all in one for Asgardians. Take Elon Musk for a good example. He has a Starbase in Texas. Making major moves for himself ...
May 4, 22 / Gem 12, 06 04:31 UTC
Hola! Soy nuevo en asgardia, este proyecto será grande!
May 3, 22 / Gem 11, 06 15:12 UTC
Comment joindre votre communauté ??
Apr 21, 22 / Tau 27, 06 13:06 UTC
Manual For A History Term Paper Maker If a history paper caught up with you faster than you had run away from it, you will have nothing to do, but to write it. It would be great if you write it at high grade – just to prove your courage ...
Apr 5, 22 / Tau 11, 06 22:57 UTC
Merciless is the law of nature…
“Modern science says: 'The sun is the past, the earth is the present, the moon is the future.' From an incandescent mass we have originated, and into a frozen mass we shall turn. Merciless is the law of nature, and rapidly and irresistibly we are drawn to our doom.” -Nikola ...
Apr 6, 22 / Tau 12, 06 21:07 UTC
i love how the quote pairs perfect with this art piece
Jan 31, 22 / Pis 03, 06 01:36 UTC
My good friend Al Winslow died a few days ago. I am so sad to lose a good friend.
Feb 4, 22 / Pis 07, 06 10:40 UTC
Are we talking about K Al Winslow the asgardian parlamentarian ?
Jan 31, 22 / Pis 03, 06 06:24 UTC
Que en paz descanse hermano
Jan 27, 22 / Aqu 27, 06 18:35 UTC
Block CyberSecurity is a company based in blockchain and focused on security and cross chain network collaboration. We are a Fortinet partner and are utilizing RUBIX Network to create a quantum secure network environment. We are LLCd but I'd like to incorporate Asgardia in this s well. Thanks for having ...
Jan 23, 22 / Aqu 23, 06 01:55 UTC
Hello my universal citizens of Asgardia. Time is of the essence or even our most valuable commodity living on the surface of planet Terra. But soon our feets will be off the ground but also in space living on the Ark. As one we could make anything possible. Apart we ...
Mar 1, 22 / Ari 04, 06 20:24 UTC
I like where you're going with this, I too wish we could form bonds with other Space faring civilization and form something like Star Fleet, it would be an interesting endeavour.
Jan 12, 22 / Aqu 12, 06 16:46 UTC
Very glad to be here with you all
Jan 12, 22 / Aqu 12, 06 17:03 UTC
Obrigado pela solicitação Michael Sicu,forte abraço.