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Lyles, TN 37098, USA
Aug 3, 21 / Vir 19, 05 00:43 UTC
First post and idk what I'm doing-
Aug 3, 21 / Vir 19, 05 00:52 UTC
Aug 3, 21 / Vir 19, 05 00:47 UTC
Aug 3, 21 / Vir 19, 05 00:46 UTC
Jul 22, 21 / Vir 07, 05 14:07 UTC
Dedication And Consistency
To be apart of the Golden 100K shows the tenacity and will power I have to not give up on the nation I hold most dear. Hopefully there are some who are still here. I couldn't be more than honored to receive my Asgardia ID up close in person. Its ...
Jul 18, 21 / Vir 03, 05 01:36 UTC
Hello my fellow Asgardians. I've wanted to drop a link to give your brains food for thought. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. and just wanted to remind you all our mission after our nation is finished with initial set up. Based on what's happening in ...
Jul 18, 21 / Vir 03, 05 12:56 UTC
Jul 1, 21 / Leo 14, 05 04:20 UTC We look forward to working with you in the Health and Wellness Subcommittee and bringing your vision and talent to our group.
Jun 27, 21 / Leo 10, 05 21:44 UTC
IFAH conference
I wanted to reach out to anyone I spoke with at the IFAH meeting who might be now fellow Asgardians. What a wonderful meeting full of visionaries and innovators from all over the world and in many specialties including health, technology and education. I am humbled to have been a ...
Jun 28, 21 / Leo 11, 05 00:33 UTC
Dr. Brian Froelke is one of the humble people that I have met at the IFAH conference and I would like to thank him in particular for taking the time to talk to me. I have learned a lot from our conversation and his amazing presentation. It was a pleasure ...
Jun 27, 21 / Leo 10, 05 21:49 UTC
Jun 18, 21 / Leo 01, 05 20:03 UTC
Jun 12, 21 / Can 23, 05 23:48 UTC
These are the questions we always face as Asgardians. We are not a hive mind but we do have the free Will to do the unthinkable. When we move let it be as a unit, together with every step we get closer to a common goal unlike any existence. Yet ...
Jun 16, 21 / Can 27, 05 11:38 UTC
Before going building a space station, who probably will cost a lot of money, ressources and infrastructures to launch this project, I think we must have our own territory on earth. We should claim the Mary Byrd Land, a territory on the Antarctica who is unclaimed by a nation. We ...
Jun 15, 21 / Can 26, 05 23:48 UTC
We know what we need, a space station. The technology is out there. We see it in the sky. We are a nation of ideas and creativity. As citizens, what do we need to do for our part? Do we volunteer our time? Donate money? How much would it cost ...
Jun 13, 21 / Can 24, 05 00:35 UTC
beautiful words
May 16, 21 / Gem 24, 05 02:35 UTC
Hello my Asgardians/Residents. It has been years every since the birth of this Nation. We've been sitting back watching our numbers go up and down from those who were curious and from those who were committed. We know the sole purpose is to only have territory in space. But give ...
May 19, 21 / Gem 27, 05 18:42 UTC
Time is an important factor in any culture or civilization you study. Our time has just begun. What we are today will be quite different from what we will be 100 years from now, or a thousand years from now. If today we are 98% digital, 1% foreign and 1% ...
May 19, 21 / Gem 27, 05 10:58 UTC
I agree with you, we need a territory to build our nation. But, the only thing I'm not agree is buying territory in USA, or in other countries. Because, one, they will not allow a potential entity to cause them to lose territory. And two, if we build our nation ...
May 18, 21 / Gem 26, 05 18:51 UTC
I totally agree with you, we do need to have physical constructs built, to be even more official, and show humanity that we are serious about this and that it will work out in the long run, I would suggest working with other companies to get things built, a few ...
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May 15, 21 / Gem 23, 05 15:21 UTC
I know with full certainty that aliens are real, we are not the only intelligent organic life forms. Many say aliens live among us now, and I fully agree. I wanted to share my dreams and passions to everyone, and let it be know that I wish everyday of my ...
Jun 8, 21 / Can 19, 05 22:26 UTC
Farklı bir evren ve tabi ki farklı bir biyolojik yapı ile beraber varlıklarını biliyorum ama hissetmek ve görmek istiyorum. Birlikte evrende ışınlanma konusundan paralel evren kuramına kadar bazı konuları konuşmak eminim farklı bir tecrübe olacaktır.
May 19, 21 / Gem 27, 05 18:49 UTC
Okay, I'm here now, let's talk about what? Space travel should wait a few years yet, we are making it possible.
May 15, 21 / Gem 23, 05 15:15 UTC
Hello my fellow Asgardians, I truly wish all of you a wonder day. I’m new to this community, and I have to say I love the ideology behind it. My dream is to travel through space, and live there as well.
May 17, 21 / Gem 25, 05 15:53 UTC
OHOU and welcome to Asgardia Jordan! :-)
May 9, 21 / Gem 17, 05 14:03 UTC
How long does it take to get your Asgardia ID Card after it is requested?
May 9, 21 / Gem 17, 05 17:26 UTC
I imagine that it will depend on where you live. Remember they have all over the world to many individuals. I would think no more then a couple of weeks. How ever I am really the wrong person to ask. I am not involved with the making or send of ...
May 6, 21 / Gem 14, 05 15:09 UTC
Tree ear listens, subtlety hears, Furtive rustles — false dawn nears. Rat snake’s slither, Screech owl’s feather, Prey-fraught field mouse fears. Midst the silence spacing these, Arboreal battle rare eye sees. Push for sun and water feints, War that no surrender taints, With efforts to appease. Carpet moss down tree ...
May 3, 21 / Gem 11, 05 00:16 UTC
Piacular's Cry
Dark mist rising, Drum beneath a keening sky – This scent of loam, of leaf, of yearning, Of memory’s wail And piacular’s cry... Penitential ruminations, Longings anew, ignored. One evanescent expiation, One understanding forward...
Apr 30, 21 / Gem 08, 05 16:11 UTC
On Defining One's Nation
Cogent read for all invoved in nation building... The Patriot Paradox Globalism is out. Nationalism is in. Progressives who think they can jump aboard are dangerously naive "Patriotic revivalists – if they want to improve their ‘case’ – need to square up to a paradox, and be more complicated. The ...
May 4, 21 / Gem 12, 05 17:02 UTC
Hello sir
Apr 29, 21 / Gem 07, 05 16:11 UTC
Stained Glass Portal
Beauty in a butterfly's wings... Congrats to XinPei Zhang on an Olympus Image of the Year Award 2020... Stained glass fragility, Portal colors of architect wonder, What meaning lies beneath?
Apr 28, 21 / Gem 06, 05 02:43 UTC
While all eyes were on the dramatic descent of NASA’s Perseverance rover last month, a team sent a robot into another alien world, one closer to home: the deep sea….
Apr 24, 21 / Gem 02, 05 05:07 UTC
To Weep, Perchance to Dream
If non-primates set their marks upon this world, Their views, their memes, their sins. Would they a lady’s slipper see, Or different worlds within? Perhaps instead, a feline grace, A fleeting hippo muse, A mantid’s dream, Archaean’s space, A raptor’s edge-sharp hues. But in their darkest dreams and fears, In ...
Mar 31, 21 / Tau 06, 05 15:32 UTC
Hi all, I'm looking for Asgardia-specific music. Do you know if we have any music dedicated to Asgardia? Could you please assist me in gathering Asgardia-related sounds, songs, and lyrics? Many thanks for your help. Regards, Niousha
Apr 12, 21 / Tau 18, 05 18:23 UTC
I'm curious what you are thinking Asgardia sounds and songs are like. Are you thinking about meditative and what we currently think of as space ambient music? I, personally, don't think we should limit ourselves to that. I think we should be open to all types of music, and also, ...
Apr 5, 21 / Tau 11, 05 07:57 UTC
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I'm running a Spotify playlist called "Deep Space Voyager", which has a lot of Space Ambient music in it. For me personally, this is definitely space traveller music ;-) Check it out here :
Mar 31, 21 / Tau 06, 05 22:29 UTC
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Mar 31, 21 / Tau 06, 05 15:31 UTC
Hi all, I'm looking for Asgardia-specific music. Do you know if we have any music dedicated to Asgardia? Could you please assist me in gathering Asgardia-related sounds, songs, and lyrics? Many thanks for your help. Regards, Niousha
Mar 26, 21 / Tau 01, 05 05:03 UTC
When I go to my profile I see that there is no way to provide an address yet I been with Asgardia since its birth. But just in case it is needed for when we receive our ID cards and passports. When will there be an update on this particular ...