Asgardia’s First Space Science & Investment Congress
14 – 17

October 2019



Asgardia’s First Space Science & Investment Congress

The first Asgardian Science and Investment Congress will focus on three topics: procreation in space, cosmic radiation, and artificial and Moon gravity.
The ultimate goal of permanent space habitation would be the ability to continue the human life cycle off planet, hence giving birth to a child in space. But hereto, numerous problems have to be tackled. Solving these issues, related to physiology, radiation, artificial or reduced gravity,

as well as habitat-related problems and life support systems pushes the human ingenuity and creativity.
During this congress, experts and scientists from different disciplines are invited to build an up-to-date roadmap that paves the way to achieving these distant goals.
Humans are born to explore. On the Earth, we have been up virtually every hill, and sailed every sea and ocean. We know that we must go beyond that.

Congress Registration Fee

The registration fee grants you participation to all scientific sessions during the three days of the congress, food and drinks during the breaks as well as the Gala Dinner.

Igor Ashurbeyli
President of the Congress
Floris Wuyts
Science Committee Chair
Frank de Winne
Bob Thirsk
Marco Durante
Radiation expert
Marco Durante
Radiation expert
John Charles
Former NASA scientist
Laurence Young
MIT professor of Astronautics

Abstract Submission

You are invited to submit a paper for presentation at the congress. A one-page abstract of maximum 500 words is needed. Student papers are welcomed and encouraged. Please indicate if you prefer poster or oral presentation.

Submit an Abstract