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July 12, 0001 / July 27, 2017
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Dear Asgardians!

We are so happy to announce a brand new exciting contest!

For our new contest, we ask that you submit a 1-5 minute film about Asgardia. Your film can either be a documentary or a fiction film.

Documentary Films should include an element of philosophy, symbolism, the future of humanity, etc. Some suggestions for documentaries include interviews with people who have original ideas on Asgardia, chronicles of how and why you became an Asgardian, ideas on what Asgardia means for the future of humanity and anything else about Asgardia you feel would be interesting.

Fiction Films can be of any genre - drama, comedy, melodrama, etc., and for example may be about life on the 27th century, or about the first Asgardian space travelers, or about anything else that triggers your creative thinking about Asgardia.

Contest ends July 15, 2017

Winners will receive the following prizes:
1st place $1,200

2nd place $800

3rd place $600

To submit your film:

  • Complete your Asgardia ID Verification Form
  • Choose the category for your film (Documentary or Fiction)
  • Select the language in which the film has been shot
  • Create a title for your film, beginning with Asgardia_filmcontest_2017 (Example: “Asgardia_filmcontest_2017_ film title“)
  • Write a short description of your film in English
  • Include tags/keywords that represent your film in English
  • Agree to the Video Contest Rules

Remember that the ultimate goal of this contest is to be original and have fun. We want to see your vision of future Asgardia and cannot wait to watch your original films!