Apr 10, 18 / Tau 16, 02 01:37 UTC

I sit here behind my computer, looking at the URL link for this community, but I see more than just a webpage, or another tab in my browser. I see a concept long overdue, where members of all lands can come together, and serve as champions for peace ...

Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 18:28 UTC

i want to do every things that help our planet to be a home.

Dec 8, 18 / Cap 06, 02 12:37 UTC
سلام عزیزان این پروژه به کجا رسید؟
Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 16:07 UTC
درود بر شما
Oct 14, 18 / Oph 07, 02 10:03 UTC
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Apr 8, 18 / Tau 14, 02 04:31 UTC

A Secular Vision

Laws and Institutions of Asgardia are regulated under secular means and practicality. Approach on a complete secular educational institutions with professional standards of academics under federal supervision, national education for scientific awareness as a goal for a scientific ...

Apr 7, 18 / Tau 13, 02 06:32 UTC

Everyone is excited about a space culture, but, we have yet to decide what ASGARDIAN culture is.

I look at the discussion groups, I read the posts, and I see a lot of the same old words, same old feuds, same old humanity.

Well, I ...

Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 21:11 UTC

As an experienced attorney advocate and litigator, I know the importance of putting the people you represent first, and also understand the consequences of making decisions on behalf of others. My experience can lead us into a bright future!

May 12, 18 / Gem 20, 02 14:33 UTC
I believe your experience will help lead us into a bright future, good luck.
Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 15:53 UTC

Justice is important and the foundation of humanity. Justice must be regulated in order to secure equality for all.

Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 11:34 UTC

I will make a new standard of life to make the full out of them all. We are here for great cause and now we are working on it to make it happen for the good for all. Keep support your self and us to make life more meaningful. ...

Jun 20, 18 / Leo 03, 02 14:53 UTC
Do you vote for me? Check my platform if you like. I need every support from my Indian brothers and sisters. Jago India Jago. Show the world that Indo-Asgardian also know how to build and run a space nation without any conflict.
Apr 6, 18 / Tau 12, 02 08:50 UTC

Life in space are my dream long time a go

Apr 5, 18 / Tau 11, 02 20:38 UTC

Asgardia brings to the world a new way of doing politics, a new vision about doing research, a new philosophy promoting the most elevated values to the humankind. Under the circumstances, it is only natural for Asgardia to also encourage a new way of educating children, in order to ...

Jan 21, 20 / Aqu 21, 04 12:32 UTC
This is a very sensitive yet beautiful subject at which the article is written. It is true that world peace is everything. We need to bring peace in our lives, society, country and mostly importantly to the world so that every singe person rich or poor, can live a happy ...
Jan 21, 20 / Aqu 21, 04 12:29 UTC
Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 15:37 UTC
Until a more modern and safer internet is introduced to the world...officially (as I believe personally that it has been a suppressed technology), it would be a suggestion to work with a safer form (although not completely safe) internet structure called LI-FI. This uses the unsafe LED lights..however, IF the ...
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Apr 5, 18 / Tau 11, 02 17:45 UTC

Our world is corrupted by the power that comes with money and only solution to fix this problem is removing the money and using the old trade system without any currency, an Asgardia with a currency will become the world we live in time. We can not allow people ...

Apr 4, 18 / Tau 10, 02 15:49 UTC

First off, thank you for taking your personal time to read my platform. I am running for an administrative assistant position for the Ministry of Information and Communication. I would be honored to be able to assist and provide assistance in any form possible to every Asgardian. I personally ...

Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 21:24 UTC

I am the Brigade Safety Manager for the 160th Signal Theater Brigade. Certified in General Industrial Safety as well as OSHA 511 and 502. Highly skilled and trained in Hazardous Materials, Waste and Communications. Along with 15+ years of safety experience. These skills are but a few skills that ...

Aug 10, 18 / Vir 26, 02 11:52 UTC
Hello fellow citizens and good day. I just would like to let you know that I am working on a "Asgardia Safety Operating Procedures and Regulations Book". This would be of a valuable asset to our nation that will certainly provide us with at least the first steps of guidance ...
Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 12:49 UTC
Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 17:32 UTC
Hi Fahim, I gave you my vote thinking your vision is amazing and you'll be an amazing leader. So please read my platform and give your vote for me. Good luck!!!
Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 05:22 UTC

family is everything. You are my family. If you are not, I am gone.

Mar 29, 18 / Tau 04, 02 12:10 UTC

I will work for the people of the world as long as my body will die, it is my slogan for people to give peace to my soul.

Mar 27, 18 / Tau 02, 02 19:33 UTC

Moderate independent. Vast knowledge of foreign affairs and human behavioural science.

Mar 27, 18 / Tau 02, 02 17:04 UTC

Unity is the same word is equal the cognitive expression has to be as one. Power struggle between those who wish to command is not allowed and the voice of all is heard. The oneness needed to be successful is knowing knowledge is power to obtain this is ...

Mar 27, 18 / Tau 02, 02 02:34 UTC

A BBA reading student and perfect in financial related positions like banks, insurance companies, cooperatives and so on.

Mar 26, 18 / Tau 01, 02 15:39 UTC

For the safety and security of our citizens, we build an Emergency Rapid Response Unit.

Main objective: - preserve the life and liberty of ours people

- rescue and life support in emergency situations

- repel any kind of attack against life, goods ...

Jul 22, 18 / Vir 07, 02 16:20 UTC
scuze de întârziere ...comanda unității va fi independentă de politic, altfel se va ajunge ca și în statele terestre unde politicul dictează peste tot
Jun 28, 18 / Leo 11, 02 16:25 UTC
Impressive! Q. - how will you prevent the national guard from becoming a private army of the rulling class? To genuenly keep the response unit serving the people?
Mar 21, 18 / Ari 24, 02 15:46 UTC

Humanity has certainly lost it's way admist spurring technological and scientific development . We have neglected our roots and it is a very certain truth that a tree will cease to exist if it forgets it's root . We need to reinvent , rediscover and restart the long way ...

Jun 20, 18 / Leo 03, 02 14:56 UTC
Do you vote for me? Check my platform if you like. I need every support from my Indian brothers and sisters. Jago India Jago. Show the world that Indo-Asgardian also know how to build and run a space nation without any conflict.