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Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 04:25 UTC

As an Asgardian, I believe we are all on the same page for developing a peace nation for building a civilization with in space and protecting Earth and its self from threats such as Asteroids or to be determined threats. How can this be? Well with funding and a numerous amount of support, it can be done, it will be! We have a number of Safety officers, leaders and scientists whom are now Asgardians ready to make this step real and amazing for all of us. Let’s get those ideas noticed!

The Constitution projects we are a peace nation ready to work together and to be there for each other. I have signed the constitution and ready to be at your service. Not just the leaders but to all the citizens. Finding the answers to your questions, requesting an upgrade on the website to finding possible connections to help you succeed.

I love architecture and just as excited as you are to plan a new civilization. The ideas are endless. I have pictured colonizing on a ship, on the moon, and on mars. All ideas being a productive and peaceful nation, working together to build up branches of necessity. I invite you to share your ideas. I think for many of us this our chance to allow society to see how creative and artistic we all are. If we combine a lot of them we would have one amazing plan to submit, what do you think?

I am a travel coordinator. My vision is to support travel into space. I would love that one day we could see it for ourselves not just the elite few. Could you imagine a few days in space? As an Asgardian, shouldn’t we all have some sort of access? Even if we had tests and challenges to go through to be accepted, it would be worth it just to go through the experience. This should be addressed even if it isn’t tomorrow, it should be in the plans for the near future.

How will education be provided to those who would like to learn and take classes. Education is never ending and classes should be free to all Asgardians however we do not see this process is in effect. Maybe in the future? Well who will teach it? We need to have certified teachers involved in making the curriculum and testing the student's awareness. We need to help the community learn and grow in the areas of interest to better our chances of becoming a better Nation. Some backgrounds have limited access but huge potential. It should be mandatory that we all contribute to help each other and learn as much as possible.

I am huge in providing Faith. We are all that confident person that helps others to focus by encouraging good habits and peeking confidence. We should all attempt to be likewise and make it a habit if not already. If one is down and discouraged it should without a doubt our responsibility to lead them in the right direction or back on track because let’s face it transition and change is hard. Ideas don’t always flow like water and we are all only human. We thrive from experience, love, laughter, communication, and even heartache. We all signed up to be Asgardians and it’s time we change history and be confident and connected.

Thank you so much for reading a bit about me. Add me as a friend and I would feel blessed to receive your vote. Enjoy your day and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Asg 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 05:39 UTC

A great read. I like where you are coming from, and I like even better where you are trying to go. You certainly have my vote. Thank you for the inspirational piece.

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 01:32 UTC

Thank you Brandon!! That means a lot!

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:05 UTC


Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:09 UTC

Unity is first step in the big picture. I have Faith that we can look past differences and really make something great happen within the community. We can't built a nation without coming together :-)

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:09 UTC

Unity is first step in the big picture. I have Faith that we can look past differences and really make something great happen within the community. We can't built a nation without coming together :-)

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 20:11 UTC

Not sure why that posted twice. . .

Asg 23, 01 / Jul 10, 17 01:36 UTC

Its just the website

Asg 28, 01 / Jul 15, 17 18:57 UTC

Hi. Goodluck.

Jul 1, 01 / Jul 16, 17 21:20 UTC

Thank you PiyD inc! <3

Jul 1, 01 / Jul 16, 17 21:20 UTC

Thank you PiyD inc! <3

Oct 21, 01 / Oct 28, 17 00:35 UTC

I dont understand how to vote xD

Nov 19, 01 / Nov 23, 17 16:35 UTC

Good luck dear!! Best wishes from Brazil! ;)

Nov 19, 01 / Nov 23, 17 16:47 UTC

I think you are the the best looking candidate from the buch.

Nov 20, 01 / Nov 24, 17 15:23 UTC

All the best dear, best wishes from India.

Nov 23, 01 / Nov 27, 17 00:55 UTC

Good luck Melody,

I hope you accept my friend request.

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 02:51 UTC

ALL the best, we are behind you!!!


Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 20:21 UTC

You have received my vote!

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 20:21 UTC

You have received my vote!

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 20:21 UTC

You have received my vote!

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 20:21 UTC

You have received my vote!

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 20:21 UTC

You have received my vote!

Dec 1, 01 / Dec 3, 17 21:26 UTC

Good luck!

Dec 3, 01 / Dec 5, 17 11:48 UTC

You have my vote Melody!

Dec 6, 01 / Dec 8, 17 00:45 UTC

I believe in female leadership .. I believe in you .. I wish you will be my leader

Dec 10, 01 / Dec 12, 17 19:03 UTC

I believe that your ideas are consistent with my own and that you will represent my views of the new horizon of Interstellar Space, the Last Frontier of Humankind...................................................................................................................................................................................

I would like to see a Bigelow launch as soon as possible.   With the  moon as an objective, all points in between will also be valuable real  estate for privately-built space stations, orbital hubs, transfer  points, .   The funding for the infrastructure of Inter-Planetary  transportation, commerce, enterprise, manufacturing, technological  development and Spacecraft design, testing and production should be done  with an open-minded encouragement for the development of new  governments, colonies, markets and economies.

Asgardia is a very  good place to start.  Since their sovereign nationhood has already been  recognized by various components of the United Nations, their appeal to  common law and economic franchise and democratic representation will  provide a fundamental and theoretical platform for the development of  new associations and legal entities which represent the direction of  humanity towards many new and old star systems.

Although the  historical legacy of mankind over the 4th Age  (also known in western  christendom as the Genesis Experiment because it engendered and tested a  new strain of human DNA into the common family of humanity) has proven a  success after the failures of rome, carthage, babylon, persia and the  other failed experiments of by-gone civilizations, the lesson learned  from the Europa dream program is that the fellowship of direction  towards the sol is inclusive and to be incorporated in a Federal System.    This system of government is the one towards which Europa was  directed by Zeus, the God of the Greeks.

Along these lines it is  somewhat encouraging that Roskosmos, which is the figurehead agency at  the helm of the Russian Federation has now designed a capsule which is  called the Federatsiya.   But what is really needed from Russia and from  ESA as well is a clear signal that they will make a deal that will make  a reusability platform for their rockets a tenable program in the near  future.   Perhaps the Russians will consider a large deal involving the  sale of RD-180s and RD-181s to Orbital ATK and to ULA for the Atlas 5 so  that the proven Ukrainian Engineers who have been able to adapt these  engines to the Antares and Atlas 5 rockets will have enough resource and  time to convert these engines into retro-propulsion/ vertically landing  engines with potential for proprietary (resale) trade back to S-7 and  RSC Energia for further development of ISS and launch availability from  BAikonur.

Dec 13, 01 / Dec 15, 17 05:22 UTC

hello Melody i choose you to vote.... Hope you will be a good leader and guide us throughout... all the best wishes...

Dec 20, 01 / Dec 22, 17 02:19 UTC

If the age Bracket stop you to MP, I see executive department would need you. I like that you  are  A TRAVEL COORDINATOR and your vision of Space Travel.  Hopefully ,it would be embrionic of a profitable Space Tourism.  Your vision in Education is great. In the future we would need teachers certified by ATSN ,and it would create job opportunities among Middle Age up  Asgardians.

Feb 27, 02 / Feb 24, 18 01:00 UTC
I have voted for you. Would you and or some of your friends be interested in voting for me? Thank you.
Mar 6, 02 / Mar 3, 18 14:47 UTC
I voted for you because I believe you have a good platform and will be an amazing leader. Please check out my platform: Vote for me!!!
Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 11:47 UTC
I put my vote on you now I would like you to vote for me:
Mar 11, 02 / Mar 8, 18 23:26 UTC
Hello! My honorable Asgardian fellows, For creating the best space nation and protecting the earth please vote for me. Today's last day. Don't wait please vote now. I need your support. Please vote for me. Here is my platform:
Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 17:05 UTC
I found your platform incredible, so I gave my vote of confidence in you, I'm sure Asgardia will be well represented in your district. Good luck with your campaign. I'm a District 9 candidate, if you can see my platform too.
Apr 7, 02 / Apr 1, 18 18:14 UTC
Greetings Asgardian brother. I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read my Political Platform and I will be even happier if I can count on your approval. I intend to help build the bases of Asgardy for my children, grandchildren and all my descendants. Thank you for your attention.
Apr 24, 02 / Apr 18, 18 18:49 UTC
Добрый день Мелодия ! жаль что раньше я не узнал про ВАС! Вы говорите красиво! ВЫ пишите красиво! и мне это нравится! Я голосую за ВАС! Хотя мой позыв не так красив и ухожен как Ваш ! но все таки надеюсь что и вы проголосуете за меня У меня не так много написано и выбрано целей ! Но я считаю что наиболее важными это те позиции которые я озвучил ! Буду очень благодарным если Вы проголосуете за меня !
Asg 9, 02 / Jun 26, 18 06:36 UTC
Huh, Best of luck dear future leadership, May God help u and bless u,,,,, My Best wishes r with u,,, Good work keep it up,,,
Asg 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 14:34 UTC
so far, I have not read anything original nor innovative from any of the candidates and that includes the president. And the anthem is cringe-worthy.
Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 12:05 UTC
We have the same visions I voted for you
Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 23:22 UTC
well written. I'll just ask for my English. he's a bad interpreter on this. was very interested in the topic of ashard and space civilization. I will be happy to participate in the life of the asgard. learns to work and improve their skills for the benefit of our civilization. thanks for being accepted into the family. I will be glad to friendship.
Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 09:58 UTC
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 20:21 UTC
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 09:11 UTC
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 09:12 UTC
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 09:20 UTC
It is really Nice BLOG
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 19:26 UTC
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Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 19:10 UTC
Do not believe it I know it's a liar Just for the money
Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 19:24 UTC
Melody... I hope that's a real name. It obviously inspires the thought of song. Asgardia belongs to all of us... and equality is defined by all of us. Together. Faith in the new generations of Asgardia is among the strongest motivations that any of us can seek. I sincerely believe in you (despite occasional spelling issues ;) ), but please... do well for us. If you require support, from me, a scientist (and proof-reader!) just call :) I promise, I'm with you :)