Dec 8, 01 / Dec 10, 17 12:33 UTC

Dear Asgardians !

My name is Hub Urlings and  I would like to represent you in the Asgardian parliament to make sure your wish for the Asgardian nation in space becomes viable and sustainable.

As your representative I see it as my duty to strive for the common goal of establishing Asgardia as an independent nation with everything that is involved in that, to start with our basic need for oxygen, water and food.

As an independent nation we not only need a constitution, a flag, currency and other national symbols. An independent nation needs a secured supply of oxygen, water and food for its citizens. In my  parliamental work and efforts I will strive for the establishment of an Asgardian Ministery of Agriculture and Horticulture to meet this primary needs.

The ministry that will take care of the initiation and development of all necessary measures to guarantee a reliable supply of oxygene, water and healthy food is realized for the residents of Asgardia.

In order to survive in space Asgardia will take along plants to join man when he travels off our planet. Growing food and producing water and oxygen in space will be a critical technology to establish mankind and the Asgardian nation in space. A dedicated Ministry of Agriculure & Horticulture will have to take care of this critical resources as quickly as possible.

To meet mens primary need we have to establish our own independent food, water and oxygen supply to make Asgardia viable and ensure the sustainability of the our Nation.

Vote for

more plants in Space !

Vote for me !

Hub Urlings

Feel free to contact me:

profile: huburlings

Apr 6, 02 / Mar 31, 18 19:26 UTC
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