Dec 14, 01 / Dec 16, 17 06:20 UTC

To My Family of Asgardia!

Here we are!

Who knew we would live to experience times like these….but we are here!


So now what? How can we move forward to accomplish the great and awesome opportunity that has been given to us? How can we ensure generations before us continue what we’ve started? In short, how can we secure our legacy in Space?


By becoming who we are…together!

All I bring to the table as a selected representative of Asgardia, are my three strengths. Which are:

My Resources! My Drive! My Passion!


While serving during my 11 years in the US Army and numerous positions after in the civilian sector, I’ve come to learn that when you have a collective mind pursuing one goal…great accomplishments happen. With this said, I believe I can bring my experiences as a good networker to the family of Asgardia. Being the C.E.O. of my training company, Military B.O.O.T.S., I believe I have the gift of creating unique training scenarios for the future ahead. I’ve always accept a challenge, no matter the outcome.


A great majority of family members, close friends, and associates repeat the same mantra when anyone asked about me.

As my dear friend Jared puts it:- “Starfury…is Extreme! His great thinking excels the natural world! His ability to hold on to a goal and follow through…is nothing short of pure energy!” Jared Egol.

I believe we all have a purpose, in this life and beyond, and what we do now puts that purpose into focus; the more we pursue our goals. I love to share my drive with others, even when I know they can’t go any further. Someone has to do it…so why not me? I am not perfect by any means and I know I will not make the best or correct decisions at times. However, I will follow through with my tasks as an elective representative of Asgardia and seek others to assist me along the way.


I have always had a passion about everything space since I was a child on the small island of Trinidad and it has never left my side. And as fellow Asgardians, WE ALL HAVE THIS PASSION! My passion, to believe that one day our children may live on another planet is something, I believe with all my being! The unknown is my heartbeat and my passion is my fuel! As your elective representative of Asgardia, I will do whatever it takes to get us all to what we truly consider….our home! With your help and guidance, I can be the leader you want me to be, during the good times and not so good times. But we will experience these events together!

Being a good leader, is never given, bought, or bargained for, it is something every great leader strives to be! If selected as your elective representative of Asgardia, my first goal as your leader, is to listen, process, plan, and act on your behalf. As a leader, I’ve always believed EVERYONE has a voice, and EVERYONE is part of the great tribe. We all have weakness, but it is by accepting our weakness, where we find our greatest strength, hopes, and dreams. Because once we accept our weakness, we are truly open for success! And it is your success; I wish to bring to Asgardia and future Asgardians to come!


Donor of the

Donor of the

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Member of NASA FCU

Shimon Starfury CEO of Military B.O.O.T.S.

Apr 6, 02 / Mar 31, 18 19:30 UTC
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