Mar 7, 02 / Mar 4, 18 00:03 UTC
  • Teamwork and Management: Effective teamwork and management of various departments. In consecutive years since 2015, the team has constantly achieved organizational goals. The team’s client orientation has been renowned in a number of client surveys commenced by mid-term reviews, audit and feedback from branch offices on the quality of services provided.
  • Time Management and Persistence: Competently punctual and persistent in managing projects and reports with tight deadlines. As a result team performance always performed above 70% for the past 3 years.
  • Risk Forecasting and Planning: Demonstrated capability to manage and foresee risk in financial reports as a Financial Manager. The outcome is unnecessary loss can be managed carefully.
  • Budgeting and Finance Management: Proven ability to create comprehensive financial plans with high accuracy and clear goals.
  • Project and Program Management: Experience in managing event for homeless people around Surabaya with direct donation from donators and sponsorship support from local organizations.
  • Business Intelligence Gathering and Analysis: Partnership with other team from Rabobank  headquarter in Netherlands and branch office in Indonesia to gather, compare and analyze information for improve organization performance level.
  • Administrative Management: Expertise in handling information and documents with capability to memorize the documents location and also organize the documents effectively and efficiently.
  • Results: Oriented: Strived for contribute the best results to the organization with efforts to achieve and maintain targets. As a result organization reputation has received positive feedback from many stakeholders.
  • Strategic Perspective: Expertise in creating detailed financial plan with  long and short term strategic perspective. For example; create financial plan for new project in Surabaya, Indonesia (2016).
Mar 7, 02 / Mar 4, 18 22:06 UTC
Asgardia needs you vote for me if my proposals satisfy you
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 06:05 UTC
Hello, I am a candidate for a vacancy in the parliament of Asgardia District 9 Portuguese. I analyzed your campaign platform, and I voted for you, and I endorsed my vote as well. I invite you to know my campaign platform, and return your vote for me. Best Regards!!!