Mar 7, 02 / Mar 4, 18 06:07 UTC

As an Australian, I have lived to see diversity flourish under our nations banner. A symbol of strength and leadership for all to see. Now living in the United States of America, I see this diversity in a wider expanse. I believe in Unity! I believe in Change! I believe in a unified world of peace and prosperity for all generations that come after us to see we as a people, not only unified on earth, but brought that unification and peace with us into the stars!

Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 07:34 UTC
Hello, I am a candidate for a vacancy in the parliament of Asgardia District 9 Portuguese. I analyzed your campaign platform, and I voted for you, and I endorsed my vote as well. I invite you to know my campaign platform, and return your vote for me. Best Regards!!!