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Apr 11, 02 / Apr 5, 18 20:38 UTC

Asgardia brings to the world a new way of doing politics, a new vision about doing research, a new philosophy promoting the most elevated values to the humankind. Under the circumstances, it is only natural for Asgardia to also encourage a new way of educating children, in order to prepare the new generations to continue and take further the wonderful work we are doing today . I see Asgardia as a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to understand and adhere to the idea that the human race is not meant to fight and compete against itself, but to grow and develop in peace, together, as part of a Universe/Multiverse, with immutable rules of life.

As Asgardian Educators, I believe we have a duty of honour to prepare the new generations for the revolutionary model of our new space nation , involving children (including early ages) into self-directed forms of learning. Children engaged in self-directed learning are marvellous. Their drives to explore, understand, play with, and master those things, and their joy when they succeed, are palpable. Such a child is fully alive to the world and to learning. This is what education already looks like for children who have not yet reached “school age.” It can look like this for ALL children. And Asgardia should set an example!

Because Asgardians will be in the beginning bonded to a terrestrial state and will have dual citizenship with Asgardia and their terrestrial state, Asgardian Education Hubs (AEH) will be built throughout terrestrial communities.  In those AEHs, children—and adults—could come to play, explore, make new friends, and learn. It might provide computers, art supplies, books, and athletic and science equipment; there might also be a gymnasium, as well as fields and trees for outdoor play. Perhaps it would be an extension of the local public library and park systems. The people using the AEHs could form mixed-age groups to pursue special interests and learn from each other. Classes might also be offered in music, art, athletics, math, business management, wood-working, or anything else people want to study or practice in a structured way. But there would be no requirements or stress-inducing comparisons among people.

Any child or adult with an Internet connection has acc ess to a world of information. So , self-directed education has never been easier. But it has also never been more essential to success. The rapidly changing economy of Asgardia will put a premium on self-motivation, innovation, and the ability to acquire new skills and evaluate new ideas. People develop these traits when they are empowered to seek out and think about information that is similar to their own real questions. Fortunately, this empowerment is natural to all human beings; it exists in every child fro m birth.

As Asgardians, citizens of the first space nation in history of humankind, we have a moral duty to lead by example. An important thing to keep in mind is that a mass-scale transformation that puts people in charge of their own learning is not only possible but inevitable. Scientists have found that a tipping point occurs when some 3 percent of people adopt a new belief; after that, it spreads like wildfire. At that point, standard public and private schools that have resisted change will either have to reinvent themselves or become irrelevant. We should not forget that our Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli has stated in his Solemn Speech of Inauguration, that Asgardia will aim to reach a population of 150 million, precisely for this reason!

The journey to the tipping point has already begun and is gaining momentum. The only question is how quickly we can get there, for the sake of our children and for the future of our space nation, Asgardia!

Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 06:47 UTC
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Jul 7, 02 / Jul 22, 18 15:37 UTC
Until a more modern and safer internet is introduced to the world...officially (as I believe personally that it has been a suppressed technology), it would be a suggestion to work with a safer form (although not completely safe) internet structure called LI-FI. This uses the unsafe LED lights..however, IF the ...