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Apr 13, 02 / Apr 7, 18 06:32 UTC

Everyone is excited about a space culture, but, we have yet to decide what ASGARDIAN culture is.

I look at the discussion groups, I read the posts, and I see a lot of the same old words, same old feuds, same old humanity.

Well, I dare to dream of different Asgardia.  One free from the shackles and petty bickering that has so far marred humanity's attempts at government.

So, what do you see?" I hear you ask!

I see no walls behind which information hides, nothing concealed for the "good of the common folk."

I see a transparent government, with educated, enlightened citizens who not only support a government's actions, but understand WHY the government is acting is this way.  I see news services reporting facts, reporting situations with accuracy and clarity, showing not only bare figures and statics, but the logic and conclusions behind them.

Asgardians are clever folks, folk who dream of a better, purer, more scientific and kindlier world for their descendants.

Let's roll up our sleeves and make it happen.


Establish a transparent and investigative news service for the benefit of the Asgardian Public. One of facts and conclusions, not speculation and hysteria.  I intend to use this as a tool to mold the thinking of the Asgardian citizen away from emotional, reactive communication, into respectful, curious and informed questions.

Asgardians should be-



Interested in the greater good of Asgardia

Active and knowledgeable in this grand endeavor.

If you believe as I believe, please consider voting for me Minister of information and Communication.. We can Mold Asgardian thinking together!