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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Apr 16, 02 / Apr 10, 18 01:37 UTC

I sit here behind my computer, looking at the URL link for this community, but I see more than just a webpage, or another tab in my browser. I see a concept long overdue, where members of all lands can come together, and serve as champions for peace . As with any other political contest, I could easily sit here, and proclaim to you the wonderful things that we will bring to this place, but this is only a half truth. We will struggle, we will face difficult times, and we will have to make difficult decisions. My campaign strives to be different from the others, as I do not believe that once a person is elected to a position of office that the power of public opinion fades. This campaign embraces that power, answers to it, recognizes it, and will admit to it when it has made an incorrect decision.

My name is Tahru, and I do not have any fancy degrees that would impress those who find that sort of thing appealing (so if that's the kind of candidate you're looking for you won't one here). What I do have is something that so many politicians fail to acknowledge; basic human experience. I know the great beauty life holds, and I know the great sufferings it can bear. I myself have experienced some of these burdens; the economy is seemingly never stable, war is all around, and society seems less compassionate than ever before. These are truths. Wanna hear another one? I don't know how to fix them, but I have some ideas that, when elected, I will bring to office:

First, a policy of humble government will be advocated at all times. I will use my voice to direct the government away from what they feel they're doing right, to what we will all know they could do better

Mistakes will be made, and admitted. No cover-ups, no bs, no lies, only recognition

First policies introduced will be a formation of an individual council made of common citizens with the authority to propose amendments to legislation, and, ideally, will have access to more information as legislation is processed. The council will be independent, have no political affiliation, and will bring more democracy to the legislative process

Citizens will have a huge say in what legislative agendas we push for. I will consult regularly with constituents in order to ensure that we are pushing things that people feel will help them the most. This responsibility also extends to making sure that government activities don't remain focused on useless projects that are of no relevance, or benefit to helping the public

This nation may be space-bound, but look around, we all see the problems we have on Earth, so let's make this different. Let's stop believing that one person has the answer to everything, only to, yet again, be retroactively regretful of endorsing the candidates we hoped would be different. Politics is sometimes difficult, but it doesn't have to be bad. Let's change this. To paraphrase Daenarys Targaeryn, we will break the wheel. We will learn, and grow, and become better with each conversation, with each action, with each piece of legislation we pass.

To conclude, I am not a doctor, or a professor, or anything especially exciting. I'm a retail worker in the winter, and camp counsellor in the summer. I may not have formal training, but my time in these fields have made me more mindful of just how complex life can be. I know how hard it is to work long hours for little financial reward, I know how society and the culture of today is exhausting at times, and I know that even though it would be my honour to be your voice, it will take all of us get real work done.