Asgardia News Network
Submissions Guidelines

Overview. This document expands on the proposed submission guidelines as listed in the forums. It will cover recommendations for approval and disapproval of user submissions.

Design and workflow. In keeping with the spirit of the ANN design, user submissions are welcomed under guidelines from this document.
Submission Methods:

The only currently approved submission method is via email to

  1. User submits the article via email.
  2. Article is reviewed by the Communications Coordinator or Assistants for compliance with the Submission Policy.
  3. Article is routed to appropriate staff for development (i.e. proofing, fact-checking, etc.).
  4. This could be a desk specialist who focuses on a subject area; it could be a chapter specialist who fact-checks articles related to their country.
  5. Article is proofed again by an Assistant.
  6. Assistant posts the article to the ANN.

Article Scope. Submitted articles should revolve around the following topics:

News from your community (as it relates to Asgardia)
News from local events, and situations where Asgardia is directly related.
Scientific Discoveries and Material
Discoveries or scientific declarations involving Asgardian scientists or medical professionals. Any articles regarding scientific or medical discoveries or declarations must be peer-reviewed and approved by a credible source prior to publishing. Please refrain from sending in Hypotheses unless there is a current operation to test them.
Asgardian Culture/Music/Arts
Contributors to the arts may post articles relating to their craft, reviews on their work or articles about this topic in Asgardia so long as the primary focus is on contribution to Asgardia itself.
Negativity breeds negativity. Articles that shed poor light on Asgardia, it’s administration or related parties will be refused. Opinion and speculation are accepted so long as they are constructive in nature.
Any Asgardian sports teams, players or contributors may send articles about sports so long as it is centric on Asgardia.
Asgardian inventors may send in articles about their work, so long as it is centric on Asgardia.
Asgardian philosophers may send in articles about philosophy as long as it is not destructive or demeaning in nature.
Asgardians may post factual articles regarding politics, as long as they are properly sourced and contain credible references.
Asgardians may contribute their own articles about Asgardia.

Article Acceptance. Articles will be accepted under the following premises:

  1. They are constructive in nature, intended to inform, inspire and share aspects of Asgardian life.
  2. They are well written, following proper English grammar rules. Suggested reading:
  3. They contain factual references from credible sources.
  4. The reviewer feels the article would be beneficial to the community.
  5. All submitted articles should be in English.
  6. Length should be limited to around 6,000 characters. 

Article Refusal. Articles will be refused under the following premises:

  1. The article is negatively critical and does not offer positive suggestion.
  2. The article promotes violence, militarization of space, radicalism and terrorism, religious concepts, calls to action, and/or racist or hateful ideologies.
  3. The article does not follow proper english grammar or requires excessive editing.
  4. The article blatantly attacks Asgardia, Civic Asgardia or any of its affiliations.
  5. The article contains malicious code or links to external advertisements.
  6. The article promotes a call to action that is not under direction of an authoritative entity.
  7. The article presents a view or suggests a concept that does not align with the Asgardia Concept.
  8. The article contains links to external sources not related to Asgardia or intended to detract away from Asgardia.
  9. The article contains scientific data or information that cannot be confirmed by our staff.

Right to Refuse. ANN/Civic Asgardia has the absolute right to refuse articles without requiring explanation. 

Clarification. In the event that an editor/reviewer needs to request more information regarding the article submission, failure to respond to clarification request within a reasonable amount of time will result in article refusal.

Do’s and Don’t’s quick reference.