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Asgardia NGO to Hold Community Gathering in Montreal

Asgardia announced plans earlier this month for a community gathering that is to be held in Montreal, Canada. This event will be the first for Asgardia NGO, who previously had only released statements through their website or through interviews in Russian. The Montreal event, which is expected to be the first public appearance for Asgardia NGO outside of Europe is the first event organized and implemented by the volunteer entity Civic Asgardia. The Montreal event will be held at the Institute of Air and Space Law, which is overseen by Dr. Ram Jakhu.

 Dr. Jakhu is the Director at McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law, which is in association with McGill University and is an associate professor, who among other things, teaches and works with faculty and students in the Air and Space Law department. Dr. Jakhu is most notable for his contributions to the development of Space Law, receiving awards from International Institute of Space Law, the International Academy of Astronautics, and the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety.

Lena De Winne

Asgardia NGO CEO Lena de Winne will be at the conference as well. Lena  De Winne holds an MSc in engineering from Moscow Power Engineering University, an MBA from European University in The Hague, and a PhD in psychology from California Southern University. Lena’s experience covers fifteen years at the European Space Agency, working in business development as well as Education. In addition she has published several popular books in English and Russian on the topic of space for children and adults, and hosted a television program in Belgium. [Source: AIRC.AT]

Also present at the Montreal gathering will be Rebekah Berg, who is Civic Asgardia’s Head of Community Affairs, and Asgardia’s legal counsel Markus Gronback. All of the aforementioned parties will be available for questions, which will be followed up with a meet and greet.

Here are the details for the gathering:

Monday, May 8th
4:30-6:30 PM EDT
McGill Faculty of Law
3660 Peel Street, Room 312
Montreal, Quebec

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Ryan Zohar
Volunteer Communications Coordinator