Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 17:19 UTC

Re: Censorship laws are they necessary and how will censorship be handled in Asgardia?  

As someone who is absolutely against Puritanism, I feel censorship should be limited to the "Yelling 'Fire' in a Crowded Theatre" rule. If someone is saying something which can cause real harm to anyone then it should be disallowed. Willful deceit is usually at play in such situations from my experience. 

So, for example, if someone is spreading misinformation about a certain group which could insight violence against that group, then that needs to be stopped, or at least revised to be less harmful.

There should be no censorship based on moral grounds if the content doesn't advocate for an active threat against anyone. 

I also disagree with "classification filtering" at a State level. Reality is rough. It will be even rougher for anyone living in space. If you can't handle a divergent point of view or the sight of two people showing affection or anything like that, then maybe space ain't the place for you!

Not to mention, actively filtering one's "e-reality" as it was put earlier, is why the US has such a messed up political situation to begin with! People are actively searching out information which agrees with their own worldview instead of trying to understand the facts as they are or as another person might see them. Greedy people are exploiting that for political and monetary profit and it's making a mess. 

More generally, I feel that laws dealing with human behavior should be evidence-based, and guided by a large group of scholars on various subjects relating to human behavior. We all seem to be talking from purely a "gut feeling" perspective here (including myself) and that is not a reliable approach.

Jun 27, 18 / Leo 10, 02 06:16 UTC

Censorship is necessary if only to prevent the spreading of hate and other such emotions. Things like news and new advancements in politics need not be censored. But if some individuals express racist or other such discriminatory views which can prove hurtful to society? Those particular sentiments must not be expressed, or even felt in the first place. Especially in a forward, free- thinking society.