May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 17:07 UTC

Asgardia Montreal Community Gathering Livestream Today!  

Hello everyone!

Please don't forget that the livestream of the Montreal Community Gathering starts at 4:30pm EST (GMT -5) today!  

You can find the stream here: 

We're hoping there may even be some time to answer some questions from the community!  

Kind regards,  

Rebekah Berg  

Head of Community Affairs  


May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 23:17 UTC

I felt that the audio quality of the stream was bad that could hardly understand what the speakers were saying.

Is there any chance of a transcript being posted for the whole meeting?

May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 23:27 UTC

Actually, the youtube stream was unwatchable. I was getting about 3fps and very choppy sound. Will the video of the presentations be available elsewhere?

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 04:27 UTC

Hi people I'm so sorry but, the video online in youtube. as my perception is terrible, can you support and check the video, or even if you have another version I will appreciate your help.

By the way