Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 10:06 UTC

Re: Certificates preparation - please make sure your name is written correctly  

I have not received my certificate yet. Has the process begun? OK, just saw the most recent posts about the certificate. Be patient, cheers!

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Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 16:07 UTC

Fill in the name, is the native language or English?

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 17:33 UTC

It's all correct. Waiting for the certificate.

Aqu 18, 01 / Jan 18, 17 18:12 UTC

Just got my certificate. They are coming my friends, just be patient. A quick note, after you verify your spelling, wait a few minutes, then go back to your application. You should be able to access your certificate successfully at that time. I was able to access it, and print it. Thank you admins for all the hard work your doing in this long process!

Aqu 19, 01 / Jan 19, 17 12:41 UTC

Confirmed , I just don´t have printer.

Aqu 19, 01 / Jan 19, 17 15:11 UTC

Hi, again I still havent got an answer regarding my issue with some characters/letters - in application form im not able to use letters such as Č Ć Š or Ž. to correctly spell my last name as it's written in my official documents. Certificate requires the name to be same as in our Official documents. How do I fix this little problem? Thank you.

Aqu 19, 01 / Jan 19, 17 19:51 UTC

Hi lina, i submitted mi name as Sebastián Torres, it´s spanish, and in the certificate it only appeared as Sebastin, without the vocal with the accent... (á), i tried to correct the word in various forms, but in the end the system didnt submit the characters as many fellow members of this subforum.

Aqu 23, 01 / Jan 23, 17 23:06 UTC

Good afternoon.

In the form that is on the web, is not recognizing the letter Ñ, for that reason at the time of generating my certificate my name appears without the letter Ñ.


I will be grateful for your cordial support so that my certificate has the correct information


Pis 27, 01 / Feb 24, 17 14:19 UTC

i'm reading the problems in names conversion...

please need add a "writing transliterator filter" to convert any non-english characters to english writing, but need to add a "(native writing comment)" because future recheck transliteration (character/phoneme conversion)

Leo 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 12:10 UTC

Hi Every one 

how I can get the Form to Apply, can anyone help?