May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 11:32 UTC

Community Quotes  

Good day Asgardians!

We'd like to ask our amazing community for a short quote as to why you joined Asgardia! These will be run at our upcoming Hong Kong press conference event (and future events like this one!) so we can let know that our community spans the globe!

Please comment on this thread a short paragraph, no more than 100 words, telling us why you joined Asgardia and signed by your full name and which country you are from.

Submissions for quotes will run until Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 11:59pm EST (GMT - 5)

EDIT: Due to an overwhelming response to our request for quotes on why you became an Asgardian, we have decided to make this a regular initiative! As there are so many, we may end up using either full or partial parts of your quotes (properly credited with your name and location) either on the website or in other media events or releases or your quote may even be featured in an issue of ROOM when reporting about Asgardia!

So please keep them coming until the close time today and we are working hard in a way for everyone can submit their quotes into the pool to be used in future!

Let's hear your voices Asgardia!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 12:05 UTC

I joined Asgardia to support the concept and ideals for peace, tolerance, and a better life. I know I may not have the opportunity to experience this, but my children or maybe their children can have a hope to. Along with it the chance to save human existence and continue to better itself. 

Jewell Ledoux, Morocco

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 13:16 UTC

- removed and permission revoked to use my quote ant any publicity or media events.

After reading the draft constitution, it appears I, along with many others, are unsatisfied with how their input ito the proposed system of government has been completely disregarded. I have been unable to find a single person that suggested that the government be a constitutional monarchy, yet that it what has been proposed.

I'll stick around to see what happens, but it is not looking good.

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 14:42 UTC

"Curiosity killed the cat"... but I'm not a cat, even if curious like them: curiosity drove my steps to this place, the same way curiosity rover is still exploring Mars.

I'm Sci-Fi fan since the time I've been able to read books. I also think that humanity can't avoid to expand it's presence out of our world, and this is just the moment we're seriously planning how to do it: Asgardia will bring a lot of new concepts and a "way to think" the space, somewhat different to traditional Earth's ones. Humanity-in-space will be different from humanity-on-Earth, and this lays on the "freedom" concept.

Elwe Thor - Italy (EU)

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 16:20 UTC

Build a space nation,it sounds like impossible,but I still have hope because technology is accelerated developing.

I joined asgardia that I admire the essence and goals of it and believe human will live in space someday.

Weichao  Wu,China

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 17:31 UTC

Hi, I'm from Austria. Since childhood I have been dreaming to explore the universe and Asgardia is the fulfilment of my dreams.Brigitte Kreisl-Walch

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 18:16 UTC

All our lives we think about becoming someone special, someone honored and could be remembered in the pages of history. We want to follow the footsteps of extraordinary people like Jinnah/Gandhi/Mandela to achieve something that is beyond our wildest dreams and that is greatness. I joined Asgardia to be part of development and expansion of a nation that will ultimately become sanctuary for those who have been aggrieved, deprived of Justice and Peace. I joined to become a voice among many to start a long journey towards a sustainable future for our generations to come. 

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 20:10 UTC

Being able to have helped create a nation around science, peace, and protection for all humanity! 

Leo Marquie, United States

Only 100 words, just doesn't seem easy, especially when there are so many reasons I joined. Just being here, a part of this community & growing nation, is an awesome feeling. Being able to share with so many great people that have similar ideas on what can make a nation great. Can't wait to always see what's happening each new day here.

May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 21:45 UTC

I never felt myself at any time anywhere, including this universe, Nothing has been enough for me at all the time, i always want more, until i meet and knowing you asgardia, finally i found where I belong and what I want, i belong to you asgardia, you are my destiny now,

I joined because I always want to protect and help the countrys and people i love in whole world, especially asgardia and the country with good people i love most (the United states),

I hope someday do what I want and love in asgardia, made my dreams real in asgardia, (Protection and help people) = (Asgardian Solider Or Army Or Peacekeeper)

I'm always here for help and projects, a big love, kiss and hug you'll asgardian love one's and my asgardian friends,

-kind regards,

-Fatemeh Ghodrati (Asgardian girl & asgardian solider)

-Tehran, Iran

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May 15, 17 / Gem 23, 01 22:21 UTC

It is over for me today. Tomorrow is a new day. And time is passing quickly. Kids are growing fast. Asgardia is a beautiful heritage. And we, our children , can leave a wonderful miracle.


May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 04:44 UTC

I am simply sick and tired of humanity devouring itself. Asgardia will be a place where everyone will come together and work together as one people, regardless of place of birth, skin-colour and background for the benefit of all mankind. How could I resist following such a dream?

Rikard Nyman, Sweden

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May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 13:56 UTC

Alot of my friends were expressing scepticism about the whole Asgardia concept - and honestly, so do I. But I have joined anyway. Because I sincerely believe that if there is even a remote chance that we may finally achieve evolution and peace, then we should seize that chance no matter what. 

John Skieswanne, Canada

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May 16, 17 / Gem 24, 01 23:55 UTC


  • I joined the Asgardia poject because I strive for a greater cause for mankind , even if that means providing with what little I have got. 
  • I do not want to work for a company, country or organisation which has no ambition or just doesn't want to help aid mankind into a great prosperous future.

  • I would admit that when I first heard about the Asgardia poject , I was sceptical about it but that was when I first heard about it , it was a day old.
  • But I still joined . If a person continuously misses opportunity in his/her's life then the same person would live a very "dead beat" and boring life.

  • I joined at the start of this poject and I am  still loving it .

  • Regards 


Francis David Pitts    United Kingdom

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 10:31 UTC

Good Morning, 

I joined Asgardia, for the opportunity to make a community based on rationality, peace, dialogue and to preserve the life on earth.

Victor Nascimento, Brazil.

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May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 11:08 UTC

I joined Asgardia because I was impacted about the vision and goals that we have. We are so ambitious in the good sense of the word and I believe that these kind of goals are into each human being,in some of them, these goals are like a treasure chest, and they need to dig in order to reach them, in some others these goals is part of the day of these people they contribute they improve they are doers /producers, but we need more people like them, we need to start to lead and support these good human beings, and help them to become in a complete and happy human.

I think that the desire of make good and being good, is deep inside us, is part of our nature and evolution, We understand that we are connected with everything in some way, and if we want to expand our limits as a race, a society as an individual,etc we need to understand that we need to improve in all of our aspects. Starting to think in a global way, being a real human being, change our mindset and the way how we visualize our future.

I really would like to help this project in order to create things that start with a change in the human race and society, that we can do many many amazing things for the common good and finally thrive as the universe does everyday.


Roberto Garcia

future mexican chapter advocate (applying process)