Jul 29, 17 / Vir 14, 01 15:28 UTC

PSA - Online Safety  

Good day Asgardia! 

We have an important Public Service Announcement for you today about online safety and safeguarding your Asgardia accounts. 


We encourage everyone to read this!

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Jul 31, 17 / Vir 16, 01 14:14 UTC

Good Afternoon Rebekah

Thank you for the security measures.

I am inviting you, to read my blog. Pleased to meet you!




I live in Oman.

Kind Regards

Sharmaine Pretorius

Aug 24, 17 / Lib 12, 01 10:42 UTC

@Rebekah Berg,

I mistakenly to reveal my ID  Number to my  an   Asgardian Cousin. Wouldn't it be my liability ?  How to prevent of misusing it ?  Thank you