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Re: Sharing your Asgardia ID Number  


Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 07:30 UTC

Thank you (y)

Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 22:27 UTC

Thank you....keep in mind do not share your Asgardian ID Number

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Leo 04, 01 / Jun 21, 17 07:05 UTC

Thank you! I will keep it safe!

Leo 05, 01 / Jun 22, 17 01:50 UTC

谢谢你提醒我,已经收到了!I'm in wenzhou.

Leo 05, 01 / Jun 22, 17 04:32 UTC

Thanks for reminding

How can I know my ID?

Leo 05, 01 / Jun 22, 17 04:49 UTC

Hello @SP Yuen 

In the top right hand corner you should see your profile picture and a drop down menu. Go to “My Profile” and click it. On your profile you will see the option to "view certificate” click it and there you can view your ID number.  

If for some reason you have not gotten your certificate, kindly follow these steps.

1 Goto My Application on the main Asgardia page
2 You should be able to change the language of the page if English is not your native tongue.
3 there is an Image link titled “Certificate of Asgardia” please click here.
4 Complete the form to ensure that we have your name spelled correctly
5 Follow all onscreen instructions, to ensure that everything is correct

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 05:10 UTC

Like registered agents of any State, Asgardia should have a way to verify members are actually members in order to validate exchanges under the commerce agreements of the jurisdiction.  To do so, use of existing public domain technology like OpenPGP and a PGP signature would be the most direct solution. already allows members to upload the Public PGP key to the site.  Anyone seeking to validate the user is the real person can check this against the signature of the holder of the private key, and send and receive private communication using the public key without the private key.  This is an industry standard technology, and as valid as a State ID for such use where the roll number (SSN / et al) is not public information.

Leo 08, 01 / Jun 25, 17 03:35 UTC

This is super important! Thanks for the safety tip.

Leo 08, 01 / Jun 25, 17 15:43 UTC

I agree with stryx, there should be a way to validate that an ID number is a valid one and not a fake one. Hopefully this will be one of the priorities of our nation.

Leo 17, 01 / Jul 4, 17 08:54 UTC

I think,the best solution in that case- mutual distributed ledgers( blockchain technology).

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Lib 04, 01 / Aug 16, 17 12:57 UTC

Thank you for the information

Sag 12, 01 / Nov 16, 17 02:56 UTC

I have not got my ID number separately . I got my certificate . Unique id is written in it . Is it passport I'd also ? I need id card also from Asgardia . Is it issued ? . My candidacy for parliamentary membership is given on page 8 but candidate no. Is not here .