Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 01:33 UTC

Re: Sharing your Asgardia ID Number  

Received, thank you!

Apr 24, 18 / Gem 02, 02 21:24 UTC

Was there a specific algorithm involved with the creation of these IDs? If you could please expand on this, that would be helpful.

If you want to safeguard IDs there is strong, readily available technology to do so. You may wish to look into it.

Jun 28, 18 / Leo 11, 02 08:04 UTC

Hi, let's unite and seize Russia, overthrow the government of the Organized Criminal Group of the Lake and we will have our own land!

Jul 2, 18 / Leo 15, 02 13:17 UTC

as always saying ( what's happened in asgardia should be in asgardia ) 

thanks , 


Jul 15, 18 / Vir 00, 02 19:18 UTC

Are you planing to use some blockchain technologies for ID's and for voting system. In such case it will be difficult to use ID without permition and it will be easy to track usage of ID and prevent unauthorised modifications. It is possible to use fast and lightweight blockchain and it's easy to deploy and maintain it.

What do you think?

Jul 29, 18 / Vir 14, 02 14:44 UTC

Good afternoon to all Asgardians :I would like to  know if my Asgardian document should print it or keep it virtual and if  it is possible to know when it will be useful to show it and for what,  thank you in advance for your reply.

Aug 4, 18 / Vir 20, 02 23:13 UTC

Thank you Rebekah~~ Got it.

Dec 10, 19 / Cap 08, 03 10:21 UTC

Thank you Rebekah for the update.cheers