Tau 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 01:56 UTC

The Asgardia News Network (ANN) nears completion  

Hello Asgardia!

I wanted to introduce myself, for those who do not know me or are unfamiliar with my dealings within Asgardia. I am the founder of Voices of Asgardia Official - World Asgardian Radio, and the volunteer Communications Coordinator for Civic Asgardia. I have taken the yoke of responsibility to set up better pathways for information flow to keep you, the citizens of Asgardia, informed on our nation's progress.

A few months ago I proposed a project called the ANN - The Asgardia News Network. This proposal was designed to begin generating media within Asgardia itself. I am pleased to announce that the Communications Division of Civic Asgardia is well into development, and the ANN is nearing completion.

At the time of the proposal, there were several newspapers started that were themed specifically for Asgardia; however, upon finding out that the work was going to remain volunteer for a while, most of the projects faded as they lacked the physical support and information flow to continue them. VOA (Voices of Asgardia) has somehow managed to weather this storm, thanks to the powerful contributions by our staff who remain committed to it, no matter the outcome.

The ANN is almost complete and very soon there will be new information out to disseminate to the public. I'm asking you to help me do it by starting your own Asgardian media initiative. There will be no financial support for a while, so it's going to take a passion for the dream and a lot of elbow grease. The rewards will be tremendous, and your countrymen will benefit from your efforts.

Your news outlet does not have to be in English; in fact, I encourage our more estranged communities to reach out to Asgardians in their own languages. Everyone deserves to know what's going on, and even though I can't facilitate all languages, you in the community can. This is a community effort. 

I remain committed as a father of two and the founder and lead administrator of Voices of Asgardia to bringing whatever information is available to our citizens. I apologize if things have been blurry the last few months, many things were in development and a lot of the foundation had to be built to reach this point. And now here we are. You each can build your own skyscraper, but you'll need to put in the work to get it done. It will take time, synergy, and coordination, but I know there are those individuals out there that can achieve those goals. Asgardia wants you to be successful, this is your chance to help your community.

I will be answering questions below in the comments if you have any. If there is a delay in response I apologize - I also have two little Asgardians who need my tender loving care - but I will answer as I am able.

To finalize, the ANN is coming - a community pool of articles written by both Asgardian employees and volunteers - ranging in topics from news to the daily life of an Asgardian. You can contribute to our success by helping us get the word out through your own mediums and/or writing your own articles to contribute back to the ANN newspool.

I look forward to speaking with you, and in the words of our founding father, I embrace you, and every one of you.


Ryan Zohar 

Communications Coordinator, Civic Asgardia 

Administrator, Voices of Asgardia 

Tau 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 14:26 UTC

That sounds GREAT! I can barely wait.



Tau 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 19:38 UTC

ei Leo quer tentar fazer um site de noticias sobre Asgardia em Br?(aceito ajuda de qualquer outra pessoa)

EN:Hey Leo, want to try to do a noticie site of Asgardia in Brazillian(accept help in general)

Tau 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 21:10 UTC

Com certeza, BohZao. "Bora" fazer.

For sure, BohZao. Let's do it.

Tau 13, 01 / Apr 7, 17 23:09 UTC

Eu gostaria de me juntar para ajudar a criar, caso não tenha algum problema, Leo e BohZao.

I'd like to join in helping you create if you do not have a problem, Leo and BohZao

Tau 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 00:28 UTC

Claro  issacarbrunow, quanto mais melhor XD

Bem vou fazer um site gratuito pela wix, alguém sabe quem é o Chapter Advocate do Brasil?

PS: Me enviem seus emails (meu email é : humbertoguttau@gmail.com) , vou criar um Gmail para fazer conta na wix para o ANBR (Asgardia News Brazil/Brasil) ai ja envio para vocês a conta e também, para mantermos contato e discutir como faremos e etc

En: of course issacarbrunow,the more the better XD

Well i will do a free Wix site , anyone knows who is Brazil chapter Advocate

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Tau 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 04:39 UTC

I will find out. Thanks guys, strong work.

Tau 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 04:53 UTC

The Brazillian chapter advocate is Natascha Graça Mello.

Tau 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 05:12 UTC

@LeoBrazil e @Bohzao estou aqui para o que precisarem. É um projeto interessante e de muita valia para o público de língua Portuguesa

@LeoBrazil and @Bohzao I'm here for whatever you need. It is an interesting project and of great value for the members of Portuguese language.

Tau 14, 01 / Apr 8, 17 11:12 UTC

Thanks Ryan for the information , i will try contact with her

Anagodinho thks the same is valid to you , send a email for me (to me know you email) and i will be pleased with your help XD

PtBr- Anagodinho Obrigado,

O mesmo é válido para você, me manda um email (só para eu saber qual seu email e facilitar o contato durante o projeto que iremos fazer haha) e será um prazer ter sua ajuda

Tau 22, 01 / Apr 16, 17 17:47 UTC

Te deseo lo mejor siempre y cuando no se vuelva otra CNN XD

Tau 24, 01 / Apr 18, 17 14:38 UTC

Claro que no!

ANN será una combinación de artículos de periodistas y aficionados.
ANN will be a combination of articles from journalists and amateurs. 

Tau 27, 01 / Apr 21, 17 19:54 UTC

That's pretty awesome! 

Will Asgardians have a chance to generate Asgardian news? 

I'm the author of a preon model and a possible breakthrough in Dark Matter, I guess I'm wondering if my theories could one day be mediatised in the ANN? 

Pretty cool stuff. 

Gem 00, 01 / Apr 22, 17 11:20 UTC


Thanks! :P

Gem 01, 01 / Apr 23, 17 10:21 UTC

Thank you

Do you mean by the Asgardian media initiative creating a blog to announce asgardian news in the local languages ?

In this case, there will be Ads announced in the blog, will these Ads only relevent to Asgardia (such as asgardian companies and institutes even if not located in the country of the asgardian community) or will these Ads announced from companies from the country or region of the community even if they are not asgardian ?

What will be the source of the rewards to volunteers for (asgardian media initiatives) as ANN and VOA ARE individual initiatives from you ?

Note: I am not so satisfied of the website (http://voicesofasgardia.com). The facebook link in this website leads to a personal account in Facebook, not a Facebook Page. It violates the terms of Facebook itself.