Defending ethics helps us to identify good with an end.
To   defend this idea, it implies that when men act, it is because they  seek  to achieve a specific objective, mainly, happiness in life.

The moment we decide to change the course of our life, we understand that our destiny was never what we thought it was.

When  we begin to see the changes that life gives us, it completely changes   our angle of vision about the things that surround us, we understand   that life will be in some way toxic, and if we allow that type of  society to intervene in our purposes, we are allowing the Corrupted system affects us directly in the course of our destiny.

At that time we must take the reins of our lives, bet on our beliefs, fight against all obstacles that life puts us on the way,
we   have the ability to decide big, think like the great philosophers of   ancient Greece, who always took the worst of everything that happened  and wrapped it in a great positive thinking that helped us to come to  our senses and work with the hand of the reason along with the steps of the mind and transcendental knowledge.

We   must always believe in ourselves, have basic knowledge of life itself,  and live believing that everything in life is possible, that changes  are  not made alone, we are part of something big, we are members of an  incredible generation of evolved human beings ,  that we have the ability to change each step we take, share our   knowledge with others, and create a chain of incredible people who make   significant changes in their personal environment.

For   Aristoteles, the cornerstone of knowledge is the experience and   information that reaches us through the senses, information that our   reason is responsible for abstracting and analyzing.

This new  approach to knowledge would be the first step towards the scientific  method as we know it. This is why Aristoteles can be considered one of  the first empiricists, although he will always subject sensitive  knowledge to reason, 
the basis of his system was to find a rational and certain explanation of the world around us.

"We are what we do day after day, excellence is not an act, but a habit"